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1/27/14 6:37 A

After trying so hard and analyzing it on this forum, and thinking I had a handle on this problem...I had a major incident late last night. I ate about 600 calories while half asleep.

Grrr. hate when I do that!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/26/14 10:47 P

This is hard! But it gets easier. When I was starting out I allowed myself air-popped popcorn at night if I was dying to eat something, just to give myself a break from resisting all day. (Supposed will power fatigue is a real thing!) That made not eating junk at night a habit, and then it was a matter of not eating air-popped popcorn, which is not that hard to give up! And I still allow myself some if it's a tough night. One of my Spark friends pointed out that it's also a super food, so it actually contributes to your good health.

Good luck! You can do this!

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1/26/14 9:05 P

I had a little struggle a year and 1/2 ago, but then got sick. The treatment was a dose of medicines but mainly steroids. Ok, I was on that and grew quite large over a three month period, and then they began to wean me off. I was finally completely off the steroids but I continued to gain weight. I also felt slow and sluggish, always tired. Last year I went to a doctor who tested me for yeast overgrowth. I am still on medicine to combat that.
It helps me tremendously because I am not constantly hungry. I am able to eat the appropriate sized meals and not binge eat at night because I don't have that craving.
Now I have to eat within the guidelines for the medicine and my body to work, no yeast or sugar products. I have to deal with behavior issues such as co-dependent eating and eating for emotions. I will get that but all of these issues work together to create my overeating problem.
So getting that test and checking for yeast overgrowth is a suggestion.

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1/26/14 7:53 P

some degree of junk in my house is a given for the kids and my hubby - they don't have weight issues and I am not trying to control everything. I just ask that they put their junk away - out of sight.I have disciplined myself not to search for or eat the junk in the house. I tell myself it is processed and not a part of my plan.

And when they get dessert, I get a cup of steaming hot tea with cinnamon and spice - and enjoy that. Or some flavorful hearty smelling tea that takes that psuedo craving away. Lately I have just be heating up water, dropping in a lemon or lime and enjoying that. I say psuedo because I am really not hungry just reacting to a trigger.

I am not hungry at night for me it was the rest of the family eating triggering me. So I avoid the trigger or put the tea in my hands and I am less likely to eat a junk snack.

Good luck with finding that right thing for you. It is hard.

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1/26/14 7:37 P

Oh, I feel for you. Late night snacking is a tough nut to crack. What helped me was realizing how much better I slept, when I didn't eat after supper. I can go to bed feeling a little hungry, and when I wake up in the morning, I'm not hungry. Go figure.

Could you not be eating enough during the day? Maybe you're not eating enough veggies or protein. What you're eating can be as much of a culprit as eating too much.

I've been working at this awhile, and it's only now starting to dawn on me I don't eat nearly as healthy as I thought I did. Even though I like veggies, I don't eat nearly enough of them. Mentally I think, " I need to eat 5 servings of veggies and fruit a day." But when the rubber hits the road (or the food hits the plate), somehow I'm always short

Blessings on your journey. Never, never quit.

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1/26/14 5:03 P

I've been on SP for a little over 1 and half years now, and I deliberately snack at night. I'm hypoglycemic, so eating several small healthy meals a day is really better for me. I plan my day for three meals and 2 - 3 healthy snacks. A snack may be fruit and yogurt, peanut butter on a whole grain Wasa cracker, a small piece of dark chocolate and a few pistachios, etc. In the summer one of my of my favorites is the SP recipe for banana soft serve "ice cream."

I think one of the problems I had before when I was trying to lose weight was that I did it by denying myself things. I like to have an evening snack, and somehow knowing that dinner was my last meal of the day, put me in a mind-set that made me want to snack even more. Now, I don't get hungry, or have to feel like I'm "not allowed" to have something when I want it. Of course, choosing healthy foods, and keeping portion sizes reasonable is important, too. I do track everything I eat so I know I'm not over-doing it. Anyway, that's what's worked for me so far.

Good luck finding a plan that works for you. I don't think there is a "one size fits all" solution to these issues.

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1/26/14 2:38 P

I am so there with the rest of you. I don't sleep well, so when I wake up in the middle of the night, I'm tired, and I feel restless..and I'll make the trek downstairs to the food. I will have a yogurt or some fruit to help fill me up, but almost always, I'm opening the chips an hour later, because I'm still hungry...ughh..

As I'm eating..I think I'm aware that I'm eating when I shouldn't...but I think I tell myself, it's okay, it's alright...

In writing about this..maybe I should come up with some mantra to remind me that I don't want be snacking, when I'm being mindless. Does anyone have this same kind of feeling. Does this even make sense?

13UST_IT Posts: 120
1/26/14 1:01 A

This happens to the best of us! Something that has worked for me is brushing and flossing my teeth after dinner. It serves as a good signal to my body that I'm done eating and will be thinking about bed soon. It doesn't always work... sometimes my craving wins and I just have doubly good dental hygiene, but it can be an effective deterrent to mindless snacking!

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1/26/14 12:11 A

emoticon Funny I was just mentioning this to a friend. Made the comment that maybe I needed to go to bed a lot earlier as...into the wee hours of the night I begin to scrounge around for food. Not that I'm hungry but ----BORED!!!!

So determined it's beneficial in more ways then ONE to get a good nights sleep...
1) well rested and regenerate the body
2) less weight from added late night snacking emoticon

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1/25/14 10:17 P

When I started trying to lose weight, I had the same issues. I ate 1800 calories, and would end up at Taco bell 6 nights a week. Sixteen hours of diligence, wasted in the last hour.

When I started tracking, I realized that my actual average caloric consumption was much higher. If you are eating 1500, and then having another 500 calorie snack at 10 p.m., then what may work is to eat 1800 every day, and not have a snack at all. This can result in a 200 calorie deficit daily, even though we would consider it to be a 300 calorie increase. Most of us do not track our late night snacks.

The other problem is cravings. You should be able to go several days with actually feeling hunger. What we feel is cravings, and most of the time it is carbs, usually junk food, but sometimes we have trigger foods. If I eat corn for example, I won't be able to stop eating till maybe 5,000 calories later.

The very food you are eating is causing these cravings, and if you continue to eat them, you will continue to have the cravings. This isn't all carbs, just some of them. Pasta, cereal/bread/grains, corn, potatoes, and of course sugar are typical culprits. You may only have an issue with one of these, but that is enough.

I would try the extra calories throughout the day, and see if that works, but whenever you feel cravings, take a look at your last meal, and keep track of what was in the food you ate that caused cravings. Over time, you may find one food tends to be in all the meals, and can remove that, and stop having cravings. It sounds restrictive, and a little far fetched, but I lost 170 lbs. with no effort, or cravings, just by switching up what foods I eat.

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1/25/14 10:17 P

My husband works 2nd shift so pretty much all of our meals are not normal. The hardest time for me is between 10pm to midnight, usually when he gets home he's hungry because he's only had 2 out come the potato chips or we order a pizza......I know this is keeping me from losing weight.

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1/25/14 8:50 P

I do so well during the day. Then my husband comes home from work by 9 and we watch a movie or get online and food seems like so much a part of that time. I think it is a habit more than anything. I definitely have a sugar/chocolate addiction too. I have done well for a week but tonight I am wanting something...

1/25/14 8:14 P

Personally I can't eat late at night, it completely disrupts my sleep patterns. My fiance on the other hand needs a snack every night - he's generally munching a bowl of Cheerios before he comes to bed.

1/25/14 5:03 P

I took Ambien for a couple years for sleep. I'd find myself getting up in the night to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or popping a bag of popcorn almost every night! The pounds packed on , for sure. I finally got off it, thankfully. I seem to need an evening snack,too. I had been trying the No S diet but I just can't give up that evening snack. I've been resorting to slicing up an apple and MEASURING OUT, yes, measuring ....2 Tbsp. of Jif Whip to go with it. It's crunchy and I have to eat it slow and that seems to be helpful for me. If I didn't measure, I'd have half the container gone. PB is my weakness.

JANEDOE12345 SparkPoints: (103,381)
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1/25/14 7:06 A

Ambien is indeed an eating drug. My prescriber says it isn't but I KNOW it is. I take it at 8:30 pm and have often been eating at 9:00. It takes Iron determination to avoid that snack.

SBD is great but the moment I was off it I gained my weight again. It is too restrictive for the real world for me but I wish you the best with it.

LOURVA Posts: 186
1/24/14 11:06 P

Hi I too am new to this site but seeing the topic I guess a lot of us Sparkers have this problem. I have to remind myself that I need to keep on track. The worst thing is after looking at my nutrition report I say if it's good than just a little bit wouldn't hurt..
Also if I haven't read the paper this is a good time for mindless eating and reading the paper. I have just have to remind myself a saying was told years ago is what crosses the hips go to the lips and also keep the nono's not around though every so often I will have a treat esp ice cream I also find a ho cup of herbal tea seems to help.

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1/24/14 9:47 P

Hi I'm Breck I'm new to this site. I'm an NICU RN and until recently I've worked nights for 24 years. So this tells you what I do on my days off. I stay up until 3-4am, so what does one do at 1-4? snack? yeah you got that right. I take Ambien but even with that I'm able to stay up until 2am. The funny thing about Ambien is that it is an eating drug. When you take it for sleep you start getting the munchies, when you read articles about it and people who drive on it or wake up in the morning not remembering anything it is always related to food. Finding McD's wrappers on the counter, the kitchen a mess, food in bed…
10 days ago I started South Beach Diet lost 10 lbs yay, but found out something else cutting out the carbs and sugars (fruit, potatoes, carrots etc) is that I dont have any cravings. Even yesterday at work someone brought in 3 boxes of donuts and I DIDN'T WANT ANY. Now that's new for me, hey when no one is in the breakroom and there is donuts in there I can down 2-3 before I'm found out.. but after 10 days of restrictions I don't desire it. So what do I do at night now? I eat sugar free popsicles and fudge pops. It does the trick and there's no guilt
Hope this helps some out there.. so far I'll stay with the SBD and see how it goes… easy no measuring calorie counting BS I'm sick of doing…
Well hi to all…

SISGAR SparkPoints: (3,935)
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1/24/14 8:43 P

I enjoyed your post and agree that just keeping those items that taste so good but hurt so bad when you look at your stats and goals out of the house. My husband can eat anything he wants and stays slim so it is a tough balance for me. He has a sweet tooth. I find that if I make dessert items that appeal more to him than me I can avoid too much of a good thing. How does one stop the "psychological desire" that hits me at night. I am not hungry, I just want it.

SCOUTFINCH18 Posts: 34
1/24/14 4:01 P

How did I stop eating at night? Pure vanity!
I learned that when I eat something (anything......almonds, cereal, rice cakes with peanut butter) less than 3 hours before I go to sleep, I snore!
It embarrasses me! I wake up feeling tired and my throat is sometimes sore! I assume my body has to pull water out of the fluid reserves to digest the food, leaving me dry.
Once I figured that out, I realized it was a powerful incentive to stop eating at a certain time of evening. LOL!

KDYLOSE Posts: 1,547
1/24/14 3:34 P

This is the hardest part for me too, and for a lot of people. And you're right, it feels awful to mess up a day of doing everything right. Now that you've identified your weak point, I think it's a matter of finding a combination of strategies that work for you. I would definitely schedule in an evening snack with some protein or good fat in it between dinner and bedtime, because that can be a long stretch without food, and being hungry is not going to help the situation. But I think nighttime cravings are more than hunger, so yes, I would keep the foods you can't control at night out of the house for now.

My current evening sweet is two sugar-free popsicles mashed up in 2 tablespoons of half and half and mixed up to make a sherbet. Every once in a while I decide maybe I can handle having icecream in the house now, only to learn that I can't.

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1/24/14 1:17 P

Ramona, I really feel for your situation! Have you talked with your husband about how hard it is to resist when he snacks in front of you? If your husband isn't interested in changing the foods he wants in the house, would he work with you to keep them out of easy reach (as someone else mentioned) or not eat them in front of you, as this would make it easier for you to resist? If he was a smoker and you were trying to quit, would he smoke outside? Same sort of thinking.

For myself, I find that if I keep my hands busy in the evening, it helps a lot. So if you're watching TV with your husband and he wants to snack, could you do needlework or some other busy work to keep your hands occupied? It's hard to eat when you're knitting!


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1/24/14 10:22 A

This is my first blog - just starting, oncemore. I was going to write a post about late night snacking (my downfall) but I found a search button and this amazing board already existed.

Nice to know I'm not alone, but..... Just like others have said, I'm good all day with my food, until after dinner. And I'm great with exercise (biking and water aerobics). After dinner I need something sweet. Once Hershey's kiss won't do it. I keep searching for other sweets and carbs. I just can't stop.
Last night, I tried a whole calorie (not reduced) hot chocolate in my Keurig. I even added some mini-marshmallows. That did it for me. I was satisfied. And, this morning when I checked my sugar it was 130, which is really good for me since it's been over 140 for months! Maybe I'll try sugar free tonight to see if that will stop further grazing for sweets.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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1/24/14 9:57 A

I do believe that controlling the environment is important, but I also lost all my weight with "junk" in the house constantly. Chips are a given -- my husband and his parents (who live with us half the year give or take) eat them with every meal. Right when I started, it was just before Christmas and I was hosting, so we wound up with lots of leftover pie. Ditto the cupcakes from my son's birthday party, which was around the same time. And my husband always seems to want to have ice cream in the house (for guests), even though with me out of the picture now and our most frequent guests rarely wanting dessert, absolutely nobody ever eats it.

In short -- the stuff is always there, and I just had to make it work anyway.

There's still things you can do about it. Out of sight/out of mind is surprisingly effective if you want it to be. Give it its own cabinet, that you don't have to go into for anything else. Put refrigerated or frozen stuff way in the back on a lower shelf that you don't even notice when you're opening the door to grab the milk or a package of frozen veggies. And always, always, always, when these things come out onto the counter for any reason, put them away again immediately. The less you notice them, the less you will think of them, and the less you think of them, the less you will eat of them.

Don't be afraid to throw things away. If you have any of this food for special rather than everyday reasons, and if it's one of those situations like I have where nobody else is going to eat it but you, just get rid of it. All the Christmas stuff I mentioned went in the garbage eventually. I might as well have saved the refrigerator space and the occasional temptation and just dumped it before the week was out.

Learn to say "no" -- and keep saying "no" (in my case the second and subsequent refusals were the really hard ones). Define yourself, ideally, as someone who just does not snack on these things, period, and who saves them for special occasions. That mental transition from "I can't" to "I don't" is immensely powerful. And then use that power to insist that others do not offer you this food that you don't actually want; that they also put things away once they've taken their portions; and that they do not purchase these things "for you" anymore, but only if they want them for themselves.

And don't underestimate the power of willpower over the very short term. That may be all you need. I never thought I could ever stay away from baked goods and ice cream, but I have, and all it took to get them out of my head was just a few days without ever touching a bite. It was much much easier thereafter. After a while the sweet stuff stopped even being appealing. Ultimately the control is not in the food, it is in you.

You can do it and you will.

1/24/14 9:03 A


I went through the same thing when my second baby was four months - I started working out to no avail. So then I changed my diet. Which worked great! But I love my sweets! I find that sugar free food is NOT sugar free - it's got sucralose or other fake sugars - just skip that CRAP and have the real stuff!

I would have 1/2 a Luna or Lara bar and a cup of decaf hot tea or herbal tea. I used to have the General Foods International Coffees, but I figured out that the fake sugars upset my tummy. It was so much easier when my husband wasn't home!!!

Now that my kids are old enough to ask for junk food all the time, I find it harder to stay on task. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR - GET HEALTHY NOW!!! It's so much easier to resist the junk food when you don't have little people around you asking for it!

Good luck on your Journey! God bless...

UNICORN19661 SparkPoints: (8,426)
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1/24/14 7:46 A

My heart ached as I was reading your post. I am kind of in a similar boat - my husband has his ways and at times I felt he was sabotaging me. This year I changed my thinking : I cannot blame anyone else for my choices but myself, but I also started doing things without my husband or kids. Before I used to wait for someone to go to the gym or do things with me. No longer, I let them know I am going to the gym - and I call this "My Time". My weakness is late night as well and I know it is a struggle, but if your marriage is otherwise good stay in it!

1/24/14 6:31 A

The night time snacking is what I am struggling with and it's holding me back from going to the next level. I realize that to get in front of the problem, I've got to control my environment but my husband will not cooperate. I've been hanging for a year trying to do it with crap in the house and I am almost ready to move into an apartment over it. I've done GREAT all week, yesterday he was off work and home when I got home from work. After all the work at the gym this week, eating healthy, I end up eating cookies, doritos, and 800 calories of poptarts! I ate over 3,400 cals yesterday! I just can't say no and I have to control my environment. If that stuff is not in the house, then I'll go to my hot cocoa, or a cup of grapes, etc. But if the wrong foods are there I just can't resist it.

Is there anyone else who has had to leave their spouse in order to continue their lifestyle change journey? I've been married 30 years and my husband just will not change.

MAUREENIE1 Posts: 491
1/24/14 6:27 A

I agree with Mbrando. If I plan for my bedtime snack, I stay on track. One of my favourite treats is an ounce of chocolate. If I plan for that at night, I feel very satisfied.

MYFIONA33 SparkPoints: (3,628)
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1/24/14 6:10 A

I can relate to what is being said. I too try so hard all day, and then blow it in the evening after dinner. Thanks for the many tips. I will try the flavored gum, brushing my teeth, and other tips. The fact that I will overcome this problem, the promise that one day it will click gives me encouragement. I need to plan my day, and allow for the treat, good suggestion. Thanks to all.

LAWLI56 Posts: 1,481
1/24/14 3:41 A

I find a couple of squares of 70% cocoa solids dark chocolate slowly melted on my tongue help with cravings. I also like a small ripe banana or a cup of seedless red grapes both of which are quite sweet once you have retrained your palate.

Sugar free candy just increases my cravings.

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1/24/14 12:00 A

fresh veggies, tomato, romaine lettuce and balsamic vingar

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BRANDESKA SparkPoints: (43,117)
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1/23/14 11:53 P

This is what I have been doing:

Chew sugar-free gum. The fruity kind satisfies my late-night munching urge much better than the mint kind. Even if I chew 5 or 6 pieces one after the other, it's only a few calories as compared to the hundreds I would have eaten worth in cookies or chips.

Also: this may sound weird, but I'll suck on a sugar-free cough drop, like cherry or lemon flavor. Because they have menthol in them I'm not tempted to eat more than one like I might be if I were to eat sugar-free candy, and I'll have cough drop flavor in my mouth for a long time so I won't want to eat anything.

But the very biggest thing that has made a difference for me is that I have stopped eating sweets. It was the sweets themselves that made me crave them, made me want to munch and munch all night. Since I've taken them out of my diet, I don't crave them anymore, and my appetite for that sort of stuff has drastically diminished.

TWERKOUT SparkPoints: (3,039)
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1/23/14 11:20 P

accidentally posted twice sorry emoticon

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TWERKOUT SparkPoints: (3,039)
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1/23/14 11:19 P

I tend to get cravings at night too. Personally, I think it's because I feel like I'm entitled to a treat after a long day at work.

My job has me all over the place that sometimes I miss lunch completely ( I know...not a good idea). One way I try and beat this urge to eat at night is I have started to make sure I bring healthy snacks to work that I can keep near my desk and grab quickly so at least I'm not going into "starvation mode".

Also I have tried (slowly) to treat myself in other ways during my down time after work ( nice bath, reading with a relaxing cup of herbal tea).

I think over time I have trained my brain to think food has to be involved in everything I do and honestly on an emotional level it's comforting but when I think about it logically it does not make sense and it's almost embarrassing to admit.

I think that's half the battle of emotional recognise it and slow things down enough so you can catch those moments and exercise control over it. Certainly not an easy task when it just seems almost automatic.

I feel for everyone that struggles with this but somewhere along the way whether it's right now or a little later things will "click" and you'll give yourself permission to be the one in control and there will be no turning back after that point. emoticon

HEPKITTY Posts: 2,705
1/23/14 10:42 P

As an emotional eater, which I probably will be for life!, I always make room in my calorie budget for an evening treat. It's important to me. I sit in front of the tv and eat my treat and relax after the kids are in bed. I don't think I would want to tell myself that I can't do that. It honestly also helps me stay on track during the day because I don't want to overeat and lose those calories!

ABIGAILGUERIN SparkPoints: (9,840)
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1/23/14 10:00 P

My go to about 2 hours before bed after dinner is frosted mini wheats with 1-2 cups of water. I am particularly into the chocolate bites. Yum. They cut off the sweet craving or slightly hungry feeling I can get after dinner.

MOMROCKS634 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/23/14 9:29 P

I, too crave sweets after dinner, and when I am stressed. My weakness is sugar cookies, and it doesn't help when they readily available in the house. I am trying to take it one day at a time; try stringing together 2-3 days of no sugar and the cravings will decrease. Good luck, and stick with it!

TJ1TJ1 SparkPoints: (2,502)
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1/23/14 9:04 P

I too suffer from the after dinner sweet cravings. I'm better some days than others of ignoring it. When I can't, my go to dessert is 1/2 cup of sugarless jello (any flavor) and 2 tbsp. of cool whip. I used to eat this when I did Atkins and it stuck with me. Just enough to quiet the sweet tooth with low carbs and calories. I also will drink a cup of hot chocolate...2% milk and just enough cocoa to color/flavor the milk. So it's mostly warm milk with a lil chocolate. I'm convinced it helps me sleep too. Lastly, a 100 calorie Greek yogurt will work too. Good luck!

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LOUIE-LILY Posts: 4,583
1/23/14 8:48 P

Evening snacking is my downfall. I'm good all day without any problems.

HEALTHYLADY12 Posts: 544
1/23/14 8:03 P

i feel the same way. I run half marathons but i dont lose weight. My friend said with all that running you should be losing weight. She dosn't know how much I eat at night :( something will click, hopfully.

POPSECRET SparkPoints: (79,624)
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1/23/14 6:24 P

Sometimes when I just want something sweet I'll make a hot chocolate with low sugar cocoa (or chocolate syrup) and skim milk. It's filling, just sweet enough, and even has a little extra protein if I haven't met my daily needs yet. :)

BESTSWEST SparkPoints: (0)
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1/23/14 6:16 P

O i struggle too

BOGO13 SparkPoints: (1,798)
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1/23/14 5:09 P

It's not uncommon for that to happen..your body usually craves something sweet after a meal, but that doesn't mean it has to be actual 'sweets'! I have a major sweet tooth so I often look into different tricks so I don't get bored doing the same thing. I like having a homemade fruit smoothie and I even add some spinach in. It's healthy but still has that sweetness to it that will help your craving. This also has some good tricks -

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/23/14 2:24 P

Are you eating enough during the day? Some people start out trying to eat too little, and are simply hungry. If you are seriously getting enough calories during the day with meals and snacking.......

Try brushing your teeth half an hour after you eat dinner. Give your brain time to know that indeed you have eaten and are full - then let it know you are done eating for the day by brushing your teeth. Chances are you have done that every night before bed, and your brain knows it's not getting any more food!

CNKISH1990 SparkPoints: (3,438)
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1/23/14 2:16 P

I know exactly what you mean. I have a newborn and for some reason my body thinks 3 am feedings mean I need a snack too. I kinda think it's lack of sleep. When I'm tempted to grab a snack I drink a glass of water instead.

CATNIPR Posts: 73
1/23/14 1:54 P

Keep me posted on how it is going with you. I also can't be trusted with sweet or salty stuff around the house. But your night-time cravings could be that you are tired. I know how it is raising a child. I binged the other day and I was from stress and been overly tired. Not sure why I couldn't just go to bed but I didn't so I binged. Back on track now but I knew the warning signs and ignored it. Don't beat yourself up. You can beat this thing.

LAURAFORAY SparkPoints: (56)
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1/23/14 1:32 P

Thank you!! I like the coffee idea, I think I could work w that. Maybe I also need to.keep any sweets out of the house. I really don't eat that much during the day even though I am home w my 16 month old baby girl all day. Then I cook dinner every night. For some reason after eating real food I just crave chocolate. Tried buying a good bar of dark chocolate and keeping it for once in awhile but of course it is gone now lol wonder if it would be bad to drink a chocolate protein shake at night. Something's gotta give, spending way too much money on jazzersize classes and healthy food for it to all be in vain

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1/23/14 12:56 P

Hi Laura, Don't give up! Night binging was one of my downfalls of 2013, and it stopped me from losing weight as well - It took me a year to stop the habit. And still on occasion I slip up. I tried everything everyone suggested - Drink water, go to sleep because you are just tired, do something, etc. Good advice but nothing worked. For me it wasn't about hunger. I am not sure what made me stop - something just clicked. I got tired of going to sleep with a stomach that ached from being stuffed too full and then waking up in the morning feeling equally bad. I got tired of working really hard all-day-long to just blow it at night. A couple of things did work for me. I started chewing flavored gum and I also bought myself a Keurig and started drinking decaf coffee with non-fat flavored creamers. Those two things seemed to satisfy me. One of these days you will find that one thing that worked for you. Just don't give up. It's well worth it when you finally kick the habit.

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1/23/14 11:35 A

My mom used to tell me I am not hungry I am tired and my body is adjusting for the lack of sleep by getting energy from food so I started going to bed earlier at night. Try that.

Also, I snack at night, always have but now I plan for it. I put my evening snack in my tracker first thing in the morning and adjust for it calorie wise throughout the day. I eat cottage cheese and peaches at night with cinnamon and Splenda sprinkled on them. Protein fills you up longer and keeps your blood sugar consistent so try eating your sweet snack with protein...Apple and peanut butter is a good choice also, there is nothing wrong with having a late night snack as long as you allow for it during the day.

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1/23/14 10:42 A

Eat a bigger dinner. Eat more vegetables, meat and healthy fats. Make yourself so full of good stuff you have no room for junk.

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1/23/14 10:11 A

I have been doing so good exercising and eating healthy but for some reason at night I crave sweets. Tried getting fiber one brownies and just having one but some nights I end up wanting more. Its like I try so hard during the day only to lose willpower at night and eat junk, feels like all the hard work is a waste if I keep on doing this. Its only been a couple weeks since I started but I have not lost any lbs and getting frustrated emoticon

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