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5/20/14 9:25 P

ya i have been thinking about that too i have started to create my own recipes by entering the nutrition label straight from the product i am using myself. I have started to not trust user entered calorie counts. thankfully i eat pretty basic stuff. i actually cut up my own chicken every week and make basic veggie and chicken meals from it. if i add a carb its usually maybe some ramen noodles a couple slices of bread or some rice etc. i have been feeding my son and i on about $25/week so we eat pretty basic. but i have noticed the user entered calorie counts are not always correct. I went to a restaurant the other day for example a user had entered a burrito at 500 calories but i decided to ask anyway. the manager told me it was 700. I am going to keep trying to do better with being more accurate thats for sure. I also went to a buffet and someone had put an average calorie count for a plate of food at a chinese buffet, this is most of the time a guess they said 1200 for 2 plates. i googled average calorie consumption at buffet and most said pretty close to that for two plates so i used that and only had tea the rest of the day. it is interesting. I appreciate all the ideas thank you

JAMINURSE Posts: 3,380
5/20/14 7:15 P

The only thing I would add is sometimes members enter foods into the spark data base and the calorie count is not correct. I would think the vegis are pretty close, but you might double check the counts on anything where 10 different people have entered the food. One time I was curious and I just started looking at the entries and the variation was eye opening.

5/20/14 7:11 P

maybe that is it too. I do indeen expect to see a 2lb loss exactly 1 week after my last weigh in. it works like that in weight watchers lol

5/20/14 7:09 P

I really don't have any problems cutting back on calories. I usually have to eat a protein bar or something to make up the extra ones anyway. i usually eat a very large portion of vegetable maybe 1 - 2 cups per meal. and a very small portion of meat and carbs per meal. I LOVE a California or oriental blend vegetable base to any meal. I usually don't eat my exercise calories.
i know there is a point though where you will be eating too few calories and your body will keep everything and store it. the last 3 days i have been comfortably eating around 1200 calories with adding in an atkins treat bar. I am hoping this reduction will work because i do have a considerable amout to lose and every week that goes by is discouraging.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 949
5/20/14 7:09 P

In addition to what Becky said, I would also add that you may not have given yourself enough time to notice the change you are looking for.

For example: When I started SP again, I tracked, exercised, and did all the right things. And for 8 weeks, I saw NO CHANGE at all on the scale. It would fluctuate up and back by 1-2lbs, but no loss stuck. On week 9, I lost 4lbs. After that, I was losing 1-2lbs per week (on average) pretty consistently.

Now, a few things I did notice that helped keep me on track during that 2 month period were a loss of inches when I took my measurements, and I was also getting stronger and noticed better endurance for my cardio activities.

Some people it takes longer than others. Be patient. And I would probably try to focus more on being healthy than the loss of weight on the scale.

Good luck.

5/20/14 7:01 P

While I can't comment on the formulas used by other sites; I do know how the numbers are determined at SP.

Many of our female members will get a calorie range of 1200-1550. Even if they would have to eat fewer calories to actually lose 2 pounds weekly---our program will not allow this. It is for the safety of our members. It is very difficult to meet your nutritional needs on only 900 calories daily. So we don't allow these very low amounts.

Now, sometimes our program gives a too high a calorie range for folks that have a larger amount of weight to lose (for example 100 pounds or more). In this case, returning to about 1400-1600 usually works well.

And sometimes a member will somewhat "overestimate" calories burned through exercise--this can then add back too many calories and stall weight loss. If this occurs--usually I suggest eating back only 1/2 the calories burned through exercise.

Could any of these apply to your situation?

Since you are not losing on 1500-1800---you probably need to cut back. Experiment and see how you do on around 1300-1500.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

5/20/14 6:31 P

I have not been losing weight on sparkpeople. i have been diligent about my tracking and staying on plan. been following for 3 weeks and have actually gained weight. I have been browsing around other websties and trackers trying to determine if my numbers are acurate. some say i need to eat 900 calories to 1200 to lose 2lb a week compared to spark people at 1500 to 1800? can anyone help me understand this?

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