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11/18/11 4:40 P

I am having the same problem! I was told to put some pictures on the refrigerator and to put the chips and other unhealthy snacks away in a cabinet and put the healthy stuff out on the table or shelf that is visible so you see them first. I don't like just eating an apple so I add peanut butter or yogurt so it isn't so boring. Also, talk to a friend or two about it they could encourage you. I find that when I log on here first thing in the morning I have more motivation to stick to eating healthy. I have also learned not to get so hard on myself when I do make bad choices but I do make note when the scale doesn't move to fix what I was doing wrong.

11/18/11 4:29 P

Control the environment...
For example...
don't keep the potato chips in your home.
Or if you do...only buy one (one servng bag) a week.
If you are buying them at a vending machine...don't keep change or single bills in your wallet.
If you are buying them at the gas station...then only pump and pay outside...don't walk in.

Dietitian Becky

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11/18/11 3:23 P

You probably have issues with emotional eating. When you get the urge to eat junk ask yourself the following:

1. What is wrong that I'm trying to fix?
2. What else could I be doing to fix the problem?
3. Wouldn't I be happier overall if I was at my goal weight?
4. If I still want this, could I be happy with just a bite or two?
5. What am I going to do later to offset this indulgence?

Ideally you'll stop at question 1, 2 or 3 but questions 4 and 5 are how you can handle if you still decide to have a treat.

Also, if a food makes you want to frequently eat when you are not hungry then don't keep it in the house until you've gained more control over that food. If it is something you have to keep in the house because of a family member wanting it then put it somewhere you won't see it (out of sight out of mind).

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11/18/11 3:04 P

I want to lose weight. I need to lose weight. But the annoying urges to eat things like potato chips and other rather.. unhealthy things overpower me. How do you cope w/ your urges? Any advice would be great.

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