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This link will take you to a reliable review of this supplement:

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The main benefit of krill oil is that it is incredibly clean. Krill only live WAY down in the ocean (they're the staple diet of whales) and it's very unusual for the sea/ocean to be polluted down that far. So they're pretty pure. It's more expensive than standard fish oil because of course it is more labour-intensive to get krill from that far down.
As I understand it, the Omega-3 from it is the same as the Omega-3 in other fish oils but basically you're not getting the potential nasties from polluted water. But if you can get pure, clean fish oil, the krill oil Omega-3 is the same.

I don't take it because I'm vegetarian. I use flax oil for Omega-3 and I use it as brain food, and also for skin help.

Remember that as well as ingesting oils, greasy skin can benefit from the application of topical oils too. It seems counter-intuitive to put oil on oily skin but it can really help.

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Does anyone take krill oil as a supplement? And if so, what do you take it for and is it really better than a normal omega supplement?
The reason I ask is because I was thinking of starting it as I have noticed my skin gets more break outs now and is dryer than ever it was when my eating and exercise habits were zilch! And a friend said that krill oil was excellent for both joint ease and skin.

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