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8/21/13 11:02 A

Perhaps doing strength exercises, working with a exercise ball and weights would help to increase your metabolism. This increase plus watching your calories and foods eaten will make weight something more controllable until your knees are better!

I am preparing for bilateral knee replacement surgery and have 6 exercises to build muscle and strength in those areas so after surgery this muscle will be stronger. Ask your knee doctor for specialized exercises to do ...

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8/21/13 9:25 A

Exercise is important for good health, but weight loss isn't about exercise. It helps, makes the process easier, but it isn't actually the most important factor.

GEtting your calorie intake under control is how you lose weight.

And even if you can't do weight-bearing exercise, SP has a limited mobility lifestyle section that includes articles about this subject, and links to seated workouts that let you move without hurting your knees!

Before starting any exercise or weight loss program, make sure you're cleared to do so FIRST by your doctor to be absolutely clear on restrictions and potential problems you need to be aware of.

The best thing is, as you lose weight, you will find that your other symptoms may improve; I suffer from arthritis, but regular exercise eases my symptoms and reduces pain and inflammation.

Check with your doctor to see if you can walk... I bet you can, but it will take time to build up. A mile may be too far for you in the beginning-- especially in bad shoes! Flip flops are not supportive at ALL -- getting fitted for proper walking shoes is imperative. It may not seem like it, but your shoes can make or break your ability to exercise. I suffered from shin splints for months before getting a proper fitting for running shoes, and couldn't run without a lot of pain. Got shoes that supported my individual foot's needs, and I could run pain-free.

Ask for a referral to a physical therapist who can build a program around your issues so that you can work on improving overall functionality.

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8/20/13 10:16 P

Weight loss is achieved mostly through diet. Exercise makes you fit and healthy, but you can lose weight without exercising.

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8/20/13 9:30 P

I just had two shots (both at separate times, one two weeks ago and the other about a month ago) of cortisone in my knees. I took a very slow one mile walk tonight and my knees are as stiff as ever. I'm icing them at the moment and just took advil.

How in the world can I lose this weight if I can't even walk??? Any suggestions on how to lose weight without moving at all??? I'm just joking of course but how annoying! Apparently, I'm having an arthritis flare up at the moment and it doesn't help that I have patella femoral syndrome in both knees as well. STUPID SOCCER!!!

So I'm either just venting to a vast amount of people who will just read this with no response or I'm venting to people with some good ideas (which I'm hoping to achieve) on what I should do? I think running in out of the question at the moment but I was hoping that walking would be ok... now that I think about it I wore flip flops on this slow walk sooooo ummmm that could be a problem as well. And I know better! ugg...

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