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9/21/13 11:21 A

Sounds like a great device, hadn't heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.

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9/20/13 1:38 A

Oh you definitely have to listen to your kids, but I think this device is good for the child who says oh I'm fine and if the color is red you can see that he's been hit harder then he's letting on, but I do agree with you....

PARKSCANADA Posts: 4,802
9/19/13 9:39 A

My son is a kinesiologist and he did a research paper on concussions; my 3 boys also play box lacrosse and we have had experience with concussions. This device may be of some use but it's not the "bad" hits that we miss. Alot of concussions come from plays that don't seem that bad or from bumps and bruises that we would never suspect would cause brain injury. Those are the ones that we miss and I suspect this device would miss them because it appears to only monitor the degree of contact. I think more importantly we have to watch our kids for signs and symptoms of concussions which is really difficult as many of those mimic what an adolescent behaves like and experiences. We need to listen to our kids when they complain of headaches or tell us they can't concentrate or they can't sleep - or even that they don't feel like themselves which was my son's main complaint.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
9/19/13 1:30 A

If your a mom who worries about your son or daughter getting a concussion you might want to look into this it's called the checklight beanie. You can wear it under a helmet and without and if your child gets it , it will read from green which means it's on to yellow which means it was a bad hit , but red means you should go see a doctor right away. They had it on the doctor's and showed how it worked.
Just wanted to put this FYI out there, I know how much we love our kids and want to protect them....
I wonder if anyone's child already has this devise?

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