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10/24/12 5:35 P

We had a change of weather where I live and it seemed like it did play a issue with the kids, the SPED kids at least. AD kids, like my son seem to be effected most often.. My mother-in Law (BLESS HER SOUL!) told me once she could always tell when the weather was going to change because my son would show her something, besides getting sick. She used to call him her barometer emoticon

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10/24/12 12:16 A

My son did a science fair project on the effects of behavior on middle school kids' behavior and activity... he tracked for an entire semester, recording temperature data, rain, snow, wind, etc., plus control factors like days when the school routine was disrupted, when there were lots of substitutes... and then he collected how many behavior referrals, suspensions, etc., happened each day and tried to correlate them. The school had about 1100 kids, so there was a lot of data to crunch. There were only two things that clearly correlated to behavior fluctuations.... one was disrupted routines (i.e. assembly schedules, etc.) and wind...

Most teachers feel kids change with the weather, but I have never seen any absolutely reliable studies to back it up. I teach in a classroom with no windows, so we don't have visual cues.. but on the rare days we have rain or snow, the kids do like it a lot!

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9/26/12 8:57 P

I'm not sure if the weather can change kids moods, but today one of my AR kids just couldn't get into reading and writing a sentence. They sure put me on my toes.

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