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ZEDMAY Posts: 41
11/28/12 4:02 P

We try not to buy store-bought junk food very often. I love to bake and prefer that most of the sweets my kids eat are homemade. We also have a "treat jar" where my son keeps his Halloween candy, junk food from goodie bags, etc. He is allowed something sweet most days as I want him to learn that he is allowed to eat everything in moderation.

That being said, one of the reasons I don't worry too much about sweets with my kid is that he is very active, and he is an excellent eater (he's been known to turn down cake/cookies at birthday parties in favour of fresh fruit and kale chips). I might be a little more cautious if I felt he was developing sedentary habits or if he was a picky eater and didn't eat a balanced diet.

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11/19/12 6:36 P

i'm very laid back when it comes to candy. as long as it's not replacing meals, they're brushing their teeth and they're not overweight.. i don't think about it too much. you have to keep some of the magic in childhood while they're still little!
that said... my girls still don't eat much candy. they generally get something everytime we go to the grocery store. usually once or twice a week. on halloween i let them have free reign of their candy until about an hour before bed time.. then i limited it a bit.

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LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
11/16/12 3:33 P

We limit the amount of candy we have in the house to begin with.
Dd can get one treat each week when I shop for groceries. If she chooses a reasonably sized package of candy then that is fine. She has free access to the candy. If she chooses to eat it all in one day then she will naturally not have any the rest of the week. If she wants to eat one piece per day instead to make it last then that is up to her.

If she chooses to eat candy instead of proper meals or it causes behavior problems then the candy will go away.

Same policy with Halloween or Christmas candy or other junk food.

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11/16/12 8:07 A

For their Halloween candy I've been giving them 2 a day. I hardly ever buy candy for them (they're pretty young; 4 and 2.5). I never buy ice cream. I don't even buy cookies or treats every grocery trip. Maybe once in a month I'll buy them a special treat at the grocery store, like animal cookies.

They usually get spoiled bi-weekly when we go to my inlaws; all the cookies, freezies they can handle and cake for dessert.

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11/15/12 1:29 P

I think as long as they realize its a treat and not a given, it's fine. Always having brownies, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream and little debbi snacks after meals might be a little over board.

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11/6/12 3:09 P

I really like Dina Rose's approach to helping kids make healthy choices, at her site "It's Not About Nutrition":


I've linked to a specific entry about candy but she's got several more, and some that deal with Halloween in particular. I've found her strategies helpful in dealing with my own children.

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11/5/12 11:28 P

if my kids ate a bunch of veggies and most of their dinner I will let them have 2 pieces of their halloween candy (fun sized) and maybe if they had a really good lunch and were well behaved or very active I let them have another. I put their candy in a ziplock bag so it lasts a little longer but my girls haven't been asking for it as much as it is out of sight (though my kids are 4 and 6years and candy isn't something we really keep around)

FUNNYGIRLJESS SparkPoints: (10,068)
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11/5/12 9:06 P

How do you limit how much candy your child should eat?

My son loves to ask for candy at any time of the day. I usually say it's okay after a meal, but then I that too much?

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