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KITTYCAT64 Posts: 599
9/30/13 12:33 P

I am retired so it is as lot easier to keep the date, but harder to exercise. I wished I could remember where I saw this but someone said you need to make e t he time to exercise. If your boss at we work a sled you to do something, you wouldn't tell him you do not have time. So I started treating it like a job. It works for me.

MOMCHEERS Posts: 642
9/30/13 12:27 P

I hear you LOUD and Clear... and I know EXACTLY what you are saying!

I had a personal trainer for awhile.... I didn't want to "stand him up", so I showed up no matter what! Now I don't have him waiting on me anymore, so I don't show up!

I find that I have to find someONE to hold me accountable, because I sure don't hold myself accountable!

It's a tough call because we all tend to put ourselves on the back burner ~ especially moms! At some point we just have to figure out that number one has to be ME!

I think it's a bit tougher when you are a stay-at-home or you work from home because people don't see your "job" as a true job and they expect you to be able to take on more than they can with a 9-5 job!

There seems to be a lot of suggestions here! Hope you find something that works for you! Just remember that you can't take care of everyone else, if you don't take care of you!

HEALTHYN10 Posts: 214
9/30/13 12:25 P

Early mornings works best for me. This is the only time of the day when demands are not being placed on my time. In addition, it provides me with the energy I need for the day. I consider my early morning workouts as "me time."

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SOH8S2DIET Posts: 13
9/29/13 5:51 A

It is not selfish to put yourself first whenever it concerns your health as it does affect those around you. I used to worry about affecting others when working out at odd hours as well but no longer. This small amount of time to take care of myself does not impact them as much as I had thought and with their encouragement, I stopped worrying about it. 10 - 30 minutes workouts have become easier to fit in and they way I feel after just validates that effort completely. There are many programs that have less than 30 min workouts that can be done at home with no equipment. If you get home at 9:30, set 9:45 to 10:00 as exercise or longer if you are able. If morning works better, just adding that 10-15 min exercise is worth it. We are all worth a focused 10 to 30 minutes to work on improving our health!

HAPPYLISA17 Posts: 213
9/29/13 5:39 A

I have no problem with sticking to my schedule unless my husband is home. For some reason I feel guilty for exercising - as if I am pampering myself - so when he is home (he is on a 3 day weekend) I tend to skip. :(

SERENITEE29 SparkPoints: (39,209)
Fitness Minutes: (43,472)
Posts: 103
9/28/13 10:48 A

Bithoo, thank you for posting your question.

To everyone who responded, thanks for sharing your ideas! You all have no idea how helpful this has been for me, the silent lurker.

CHARLOTTE1947 SparkPoints: (44,659)
Fitness Minutes: (55,530)
Posts: 1,751
9/28/13 8:51 A

Back when my life was like yours I bought an exercise bike. I didn't spend a fortune on it. I put in 10-15 minutes daily on it. I listened to the radio as I biked. Five years later, when we transferred, the mover told me I had enough miles clocked on the bike to ride from NYC to MIami and back! Every little bit helps.

I agree with others. Get into a fixed routine that no one else can sabotage. Just don't let anyone over ride your time for yourself.

9/27/13 3:00 P

I'm not a morning person - and whenever I do early morning exercise routine, its bound to fail. I've been really successful for the past 2 weeks on getting a workout in right when I get home. Even if its only 30 minutes plus shower. It happens before anything else - that means evening appointments can happen after 7PM, but 5:30-7:00 PM is my body time.

ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
9/27/13 1:12 P

I keep the dates, but am often late for my appointments emoticon

STARMONICA SparkPoints: (206,881)
Fitness Minutes: (55,235)
Posts: 11,263
9/27/13 11:10 A

walking in the morning or at noon every working day, workout in the evening every two days

MISSMEL1982 Posts: 1,189
9/27/13 9:17 A

usually workout bright and early in the morning to get it over and done with so I don't have to worry about it, been working so far!

SHAKESALOT Posts: 1,334
9/27/13 8:44 A


TAMARAST1974 SparkPoints: (20,629)
Fitness Minutes: (27,388)
Posts: 254
9/26/13 7:38 P

I'm more likely to keep the date with myself if I do it in the morning. Otherwise I tend to run out of time

MJLUVSANIMALS SparkPoints: (87,725)
Fitness Minutes: (23,338)
Posts: 3,286
9/26/13 6:59 P

I have found if I don't do my walk early on in the morning, I am up to 4 miles a day with Leslie Sansone walk at home DVD's. I tend to put it off until later in the day, I get caught up in what ever task I may be doing. I like to remodel and refurbish (interiors and furnishings) So if I get going on a project I tend to get too busy to do my walk. I try not to do this, I did it today but it's only 4 pm, so I still can get it in. It's just best to do early, that way the rest of the day is yours to do with whatever needs and things arise. Plus I got her new 5 mile belly blaster walk so may go ahead and do that. I am almost not feeling like I get enough of a work out, but now I am adding more miles. And tomorrow I have an appt. at our local gym to check out what they have to offer.

RSCHIENH Posts: 149
9/26/13 1:13 P

I have made myself a priority every weekday morning religiously. I get my girls on the school bus and get my butt to the YMCA!! Our Uncle pays for a family membership so I also guilt myself by saying "he will not spend his money in vain!" It helps motivate me on slower mornings! I love getting there early, getting my workout done, showering and getting to work on time! Some days if the girls miss the bus I get there a little later so I cut down my workout time but increase my speed or challenge myself to the max to get the same effects! I was so inconsistent if I left it up to the evenings! All of my girls play soccer and one also runs cross country so I am driving them to and from practice at night which I would be too tired or run out of time to get to the Y. NOW I have no excuse 5 days a week I am at the Y doing something. I am logging almost 20 miles a week between outside, elliptical and cross ramp. I run a 5K this weekend and eventually want to work up to a 10k and a half marathon!

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (35,385)
Fitness Minutes: (27,144)
Posts: 1,082
9/26/13 12:28 P

As other people have said, it if it important to you, you will find the time. I go to Zumba twice a week pretty religiously. I have it on my calender, and I don't make plans for that time slot. The only times I have missed it are when I had a knee injury and during the last week of the semester when I am trying to get all of my grades in.

Have you considered getting a Fitbit or some other sort of tracking device? Unless you are moving a ton, you probably aren't getting close to 10,000 steps a day, and that is something that you could easily work on at home or in tiny increments during the day. I find that having the Fitbit makes me look for ways to add steps to my day.

BOREDA SparkPoints: (342,034)
Fitness Minutes: (235,519)
Posts: 3,340
9/25/13 5:25 P

Bithoo, I am freelance, like you (but an editor, not a writer), and I struggle to find time to fit in exercise -- not least, if I am not working at the computer, I am not earning any money, so time spent exercising "costs". But over the past 18 months (since starting Spark) I've made exercise an absolute priority unless I have one of those 12-hours-a-day sort of deadlines. Two things: firstly, I decided to make being freelance work for me. There are so many downsides to freelancing, but one of the few upsides is the ability (normally) to be a bit flexible with the hours/times when I work. I usually exercise during daylight hours (mainly walking and riding my horse), so I take a break in the middle of my working day and go out then; this actually refreshes my brain and eyes from the computer, and I come back to the screen feeling refreshed and energized, and thus work more effectively. The price frequently is doing a bit of work (maybe an hour or two) in the evening -- so the choice here is yours: do you go to quite so many rehearsals (i.e. do you play a role in quite so many productions), or do you take a bit more exercise? And secondly, as a sort of experiment in time management, for a month or so I kept a log of how I spent every waking hour (not just the working hours I normally log on timesheets for clients) -- and the amount of time I spent just footling around was appalling! Try it and see -- you may be surprised and/or horrified! I've since started a Stop Footling campaign, and I am amazed at how much easier it is to fit things in...

Hope this helps!

HEALTHY-SPARK SparkPoints: (43,082)
Fitness Minutes: (49,983)
Posts: 1,073
9/25/13 1:44 P

I have a typical schedule that I try to stick to each week. And in order to plan for life's mishaps, I also have several "substitute" workout ideas w times, that if necessary I can use.

In terms of keeping those appointments. Early on, it might help if you find an exercise buddy, or someone at the gym to keep those appointments with. Then you are somewhat obligated to keep the appt so the other person isn't let down.Be creative, there are walking groups, exercise buddies at the gym, etc etc. But if you have a *real* appt with someone besides yourself, that might make it a little easier early on until it becomes a matter of routine. 30 days to make a habit, so your 3 week plan fell just a little short there.

I think that everyone gets busy, and life is so busy, etc etc. But at some point you have to take a look at your own life and prioritize what are the most important things for you. If getting healthy isn't ranking high up on that list, then it will always take a second seat to everything else that is going on.

INDY1527 Posts: 594
9/25/13 1:41 P

I keep my workout dates. I think the key is finding a workout you enjoy. Gong to the gym is not for me. I noticed that when I was going to gym I would make excuses & wouldn't go. Finally, I found Zumba & I rarely miss a workout. I love it! I enjoy it & that's my time to release my stress.

I think you also have to find a place that you feel comfortable. Some places arent as welcoming. I love where I workout & I feel welcomed.

9/25/13 10:10 A

I plan for several slots throughout the day when I can work out. I work full time, go to law school part time at night, and have one daughter in 1st grade, so I know busy! For example, I could go to the gym on my lunch break, a quick workout after work before class, or as a last resort, late night when I get home from class. That way if I miss one of them, I know I have another opportunity.

I also like to shake things up and classes especially help me stay engaged. So for example if I know I have tennis on Monday, Zumba on Tuesday, and rock climbing with a classmate before class on Thursday, I'm more likely to show up than if I'm just going to the gym to work out alone.

You're a freelance writer work from home? No excuse! There are so many people that would love to be in your position. You deserve your hour a day to exercise. There will ALWAYS be more work. Force yourself to stop and take your time for you.

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BAPSANN Posts: 1,448
9/25/13 8:22 A

I also struggle with making a date and keeping it. I really want to do better but am still struggling.

SASSYBOW SparkPoints: (14,242)
Fitness Minutes: (9,718)
Posts: 18
9/24/13 11:45 P

I struggle to keep a "scheduled workout" date with myself. I dance exercise at least three times a week and exercise at home "sometimes". I am working on a regular schedule but it is difficult with a busy schedule. I do feel much better when I workout. Everyone's posts are very helpful!

9/24/13 4:21 P

Good topic, with lots of inspiration.

IRVING666 SparkPoints: (14,194)
Fitness Minutes: (5,705)
Posts: 150
9/24/13 3:57 P

I log on within 30 min of waking and begin tracking what I plan to eat, at least for breakfast and lunch. I enter the exercise I plan to do that day. For example I usually do a form of cardio-dance. I like to do 30 min each day if possible so I enter it first thing. Even if I don't have time to do it all in the morning, I do at least 15 min. Then I know I owe myself 15 min more before the end of the day. I hate to make commitments I can't or don't keep so this is a way of mentally forcing myself to keep my promise. Some days if I have a lot of desk type work to do, I will schedule 10 minute dance breaks every two hours or so. That may add up to more than 30 min. so I just edit my tracking later. You do get slightly more calories burned if you do all 30 min (or whatever you plan) at once, but you will still burn calories for any exercise you do, so be sure to keep track. I try to be really honest. one day I only got in twenty five minutes and so I went back and removed five min. It probably wouldn't have made much difference in the long run, but I need to be accountable to myself.


ARROW868 Posts: 48
9/24/13 2:41 P


I am usually in bed asleep by 10PM. We do not have late activities going on at our house, so I am able to make that work.

We live in a two storey house, and our children both sleep upstairs. I am able to work out in the living room (pushing a table out of my way) without disturbing anyone. My husband is a heavy sleeper, so with the bedroom door closed, he is none the wiser. I am currently doing T25 from Beachbody. The workouts are 25 minutes long and I can keep the volume down pretty low and still follow what's going on.

I long for the days when I might be able to get up at 5:30 emoticon !

Hope that helps.


APPLEPIEDREAMS SparkPoints: (193,320)
Fitness Minutes: (90,642)
Posts: 9,738
9/24/13 1:10 P

Sometimes I think about blowing off exercise because of commitments to other people, like my fiance. But then I remember I'm much more likeable and much more able to be the supportive person I need to be for my fiance if I exercise regularly. I get really grouchy and edgy if I don't exercise regularly and that's no good for anyone.

So, I don't worry about letting other people down or being selfish when I exercise because I know it indirectly makes their lives easier too.

BLINGQUEEN:O) Posts: 249
9/24/13 12:10 P

This topic has really helped me recommit to time for me to exercise. I put off exercise until I go to sleep at night.... Yeah, need to capture that morning time before I am awake enough to make excuses! Thanks to all who are posting!

BITHOO SparkPoints: (12,169)
Fitness Minutes: (3,359)
Posts: 422
9/24/13 10:55 A

That's not a great choice for my body: sleep is key for me -- to maintain health, mood, energy, and focus. I don't need a solid eight hours every night, but lower than 7 and I start running low on all of the above! I can always fit in a brisk walk or a few minutes with weights, but I can't always catch up on sleep I've missed.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (183,970)
Fitness Minutes: (178,691)
Posts: 15,629
9/24/13 10:43 A

I nap every day between jobs (I have 3 jobs and 1 kid). But I've also been keeping this kind of schedule for almost 10 years now...if early morning is the only time you have to exercise, then sleep takes a back seat.

BITHOO SparkPoints: (12,169)
Fitness Minutes: (3,359)
Posts: 422
9/24/13 10:21 A

Yipes, Zorbs! you must have an iron constitution. I'd be dropping over from sleepiness after about ten days of that kind of schedule! I go to bed most nights at 11:30 and get up between 6-6:30... would need to be ASLEEP by 10 to get up before 5!

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (183,970)
Fitness Minutes: (178,691)
Posts: 15,629
9/24/13 10:09 A

I wake up at 4:45 every morning and I go to bed at 11:30/midnight.

BITHOO SparkPoints: (12,169)
Fitness Minutes: (3,359)
Posts: 422
9/24/13 10:00 A

Arrow -- two questions:

what time do you go to bed in order to get up so early? I ask because I'm thinking you'd need to actually be in bed sleeping by 9:30 at the latest...

where in your home do you exercise so as not to wake anyone up? Do you do very quiet exercises -- use headphones -- or not use a treadmill? Or do you have a finished basement space? My treadmill is in the only available space: the bedroom!

I'm thinking about trying out some exercise videos or video games in the family room a couple of mornings a week, but I don't think I could keep up the 4:30 a.m. routine for very long without collapsing in a heap! Maybe 5:30... lol!

ARROW868 Posts: 48
9/24/13 9:41 A

Finding time to exercise is tough. I recently switched to working out in the mornings so I can spend more time with my family in the evenings. I work out at home as it is cheaper, and if I do miss my morning workout for any reason, I can pick it up later in the day.

I start work at 7AM, and I commute an hour to work each way. That means I am up at 4:30AM in order to get my work out in, get ready for work and be on my way by 6AM. At first it was difficult, but I kept with it and now I look forward to MY time in the morning. I feel good and I have lots of energy for the day.

You have to find what works for you and your family. Keep trying new things until you find the routine that you can stick with. I think everyone would agree that you are worth the effort!

Have a fantastic day!


BITHOO SparkPoints: (12,169)
Fitness Minutes: (3,359)
Posts: 422
9/23/13 10:53 P

It's true: I prioritize rehearsals and memorizing lines/dance steps because other people are depending on me. The same goes for helping my kids with homework, driving them to lessons, hitting deadlines for clients, planning vacations. But exercise is JUST for me, and so I can give myself a break.

I realize that if I can find time to memorize an entire freaking play, I can find time to exercise.

MARF226 Posts: 204
9/23/13 10:01 P

Bithoo it sounds like you are a great mom, wife, employee and actress. That's amazing. Others gave posted great suggestions but it is really all about what works for you and what you can stick with. If time is really the crunch and there is absolutely, positively, 100% nothing that can work... Maybe it is time to put down the super mom cape and starting to find ways to lighten up your schedule so it is possible to find 30 minutes a day.

Also, one day a week at a drop in class is better than NO days a week. emoticon

GLUCOZA SparkPoints: (52,040)
Fitness Minutes: (37,122)
Posts: 1,000
9/23/13 8:42 P

The thing is, at first you will feel tired, you will feel like exercise is an extra to your life. After a while, if you consistent, you will get stronger, you will get energy after exercising. And you'll be so much more productive in your everyday life, you'll be amazed! emoticon

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AGILEDOBE Posts: 428
9/23/13 7:19 P

I use one hour every morning at home for myself. I stay on a guilt trip every day until I have taken care of that part of my life. The day just isn't right if I don't get in my time, either on the treadmill, hand weights, or walk of the neighborhood or some combination. I put on my fitness clothes first thing so anyone that wonders will know what's going on ! If I had to drive somewhere it just wouldn't get done.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
9/23/13 5:31 P

Plan workout dates with your self just like you'd plan dental appointments or anything else. If you want this bad enough it will happen. On more than one occasion I have had a date with my treadmill. 3 days a week I make a date with a barbell..........a dumb bell and a bench.

9/23/13 5:20 P

Work out at home. That way you don't waste any time traveling to and from class. If you like dance workouts there are some excellent dvd's you can do. If you really want to get in shape, you will make time. If you don't, you will make excuses.

FLOYDIE40 Posts: 34
9/23/13 4:37 P

I work out in the early evenings and I do it at home, either with an excercise bike or a workout dvd. That way, I just need to squeeze in 20 minutes to 40 minutes. My goal is 3 days a week at about 40 minutes, so if I miss it one day, I can probably catch up the next.

My mentality is that I must do this because it's what I want for myself.

I keep a change of clothes in the basement so that all I have to do is go downstairs to not have any excuses.

KPEDEN74 SparkPoints: (66,931)
Fitness Minutes: (109,773)
Posts: 33
9/23/13 4:11 P

Just work it into your day like an appointment. Or think of it as a "must do" like brushing your teeth or showering. Just do it!

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
9/23/13 3:02 P

Bravo! That is some pretty advanced excuse-making. :)

Maybe you need to choose an earlier or later time in the day for things to work out. I just think of exercise as something that is as important as taking medications or eating well--it has to be done and it has to come before other things.

I print out my weekly schedule and write my exercise plan on it. I hangs in my home office, and mostly I stick with it if I write it down ahead of time.

VKKESU Posts: 1,000
9/23/13 2:44 P

I have set classes I go to. It has to be a priority for me because I lose motivation everytime I've quit the gym.

I also have my elliptical that I'm making myself use at least twice a week . I'm realizing how much better I just feel when I take the 30 minutes to just do it. I had to force myself yesterday .... I whined all the way to the machine. lol It was 8pm before I did, but felt so much better afterwards.

The only way I could go to gym was when my kids were at school but now that they are older, they understand it's something I need to feel better . I stll feel bad getting home 1 1/2 later but it makes me a better person in all honesty.

It is tough to juggle it all, but you are the only one that can take care of yourself. No one can fill in for that !!

10 minutes everyday through out the day is always better than nothing. Get those steps in when and where you can. Take steps, park the farthest spot away, etc. Good for the kids to see and learn those habits at a young age too.

SUSAN727 Posts: 1,874
9/23/13 1:17 P

This is a good topic and something I really need to do because I've never been organized.

You sound like an organized person already and only need a little tweaking.

Best wishes.

LSANGANGE SparkPoints: (10,484)
Fitness Minutes: (9,045)
Posts: 242
9/23/13 1:11 P

I hear ya! The only way I can keep excercise consistant in my life is to make it a priority and do it first thing in the morning before anyone is awake....maybe you can sneak off to the gym early every morning before everyone gets up and be back to see them on their way

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (183,970)
Fitness Minutes: (178,691)
Posts: 15,629
9/23/13 12:18 P

Prioritize exercise dates the same way you obviously do with your rehearsals.

KAT321123 Posts: 203
9/23/13 12:06 P

My only suggestion is to start to schedule your exercise dates in the same way you schedule other things (transportation for your children, rehearsal, etc). You may not always need to do that once you get a solid routine down, but in the meantime it might help you to honor your exercise commitment the same way you honor other commitments.

I'm to the point now in which I schedule in my yoga classes, but no longer need to schedule my morning cardio because it's just become habit.

Good luck!

BITHOO SparkPoints: (12,169)
Fitness Minutes: (3,359)
Posts: 422
9/23/13 8:46 A

Karen -- I usually DO exactly that... maybe I just need to be more intentional about putting together a schedule and breaking it up into cardio, strength, flex??

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
9/23/13 8:04 A

they say 10 minutes at a time, 3 times a day if fine. Maybe it would be easier on your schedule if you committed to 10 minutes at a time.

BITHOO SparkPoints: (12,169)
Fitness Minutes: (3,359)
Posts: 422
9/23/13 7:52 A

In an effort to become more regular about exercise, I joined a dance aerobics class. I chose it because it met AFTER the kids needed help with breakfast and all, and would finish just before I needed to get home to work (I'm a freelance writer). I knew evenings would be tough because of dinner, homework, and rehearsals (I act and sing in local groups).

My husband said he'd drop my daughter at camp on two of three days a week I would take the class.

I managed to get there regularly for about three weeks.

Then, my husband wasn't feeling well on several of the mornings, and so I needed to drop my daughter at camp -- so couldn't go to exercise. Then a client insisted on an early morning meeting, and i couldn't go to exercise. Then I found I had so much work to do that the extra hour "off" was making the rest of my day super stressful. Then the instructor developed knee issues and quit for the rest of the session!

And that was that. I keep walking and stretching, but only when I find time to do so without stressing out or creating issues for other people (husband, kids, clients). (a few times a week, but only for half an hour or so at a time).

There are exercise options that are "drop in," which is great -- but I am afraid they'd be an occasional thing for me (maybe once a week). I can keep exercising at home, but find I'm good for a short stretch of time until life interferes.

I try getting up super early, but since my son is up at 6:30 and I get home from rehearsals at 9:30 or 10, I wind up being sleep deprived after a week or so.


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