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7/18/13 6:02 P

I feel for you JESS. I have been going through the same thing. Last night I had already exceeded my calorie range and was on the verge of eating enough calories to store excess fat for the day, and I didn't feel full at all. THEN - I ate almost an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt. It was bad news. You'd think this morning I wouldn't have been very hungry, but not so. I was a ready for breakfast and snacks as I've ever been.

The only saving grace for me today is that I've walked over 5 miles so far.

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7/18/13 5:55 P

I swear by brussel sprouts for snacking. They are very low calorie but it takes a long time to eat 10 of them (about 71 cals). You can peel the leaves off of 4 sprouts for a relatively large raw sprout salad. Or you can try it this way

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7/18/13 5:34 P

Exercise - hard! Not because you may have overdone it, but because your body will be tricked into not being hungry! :)

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7/18/13 4:12 P

Drinking water and keeping busy is what gets me through the times that I have truly had enough to eat yet my body thinks it is still hungry….walking by the cookies in the kitchen for example…..I find that when I am bored or have less to do, that is when I want to eat more. Good luck! emoticon

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7/18/13 4:10 P

Yeahhhh somehow "bad eating" tends to beget the urge for more bad eating!

Like, if I have a small amount of sweet/treat food, I feel satisfied and treated. If I go a bit hog-wild on dessert, instead of feeling more satisfied, it seems to trigger that desire for more more more!

I don't know why that is... but it's good to understand "it happens" when next thinking about how fun and rewarding it will be to "cheat" :)

I would recommend a couple things.
1) If you are trying to "eat low/below your normal range" today to "make up" for overeating - don't. Eat like you have nothing to atone for. Have a normal mid or even high range day. Maybe tomorrow too. Sometimes that extra 300 calories is all you need to shift from "starving" to "alright, i can handle this."
2) Eat with a particular eye to the type of foods that sustain you - lots of protein, lots and lots of complex carbs (mainly veg). Lots of volume! You can give yourself that "full feeling" without too many calories if you rely on non-starchy veg.

Just hang in there, after a day or two "on the wagon" those post-cheat feelings will settle back down to normal.

7/18/13 4:02 P

Ok, I celebrated a recent weight loss goal by cheating on the diet a couple of days. I swore that I would be back on my diet today, but I feel half starved! It's like theres a little voice just chanting hungry in the back of my head. I don't know why I feel like this today, but I'm hoping somebody has an option for me. I choked down some celery and it didn't help one little bit.
What can I do to not feel so hungry?

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