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4/10/13 6:22 A

OK -- thanks

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4/10/13 6:21 A

Thank you!

Ane Marie
Hamilton On.Canada Est

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4/10/13 5:12 A


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4/10/13 4:51 A


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4/9/13 10:00 P


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4/9/13 9:49 P

just adding a clickable link ...
thanks for this, it's good to know

4/9/13 3:48 P

just read a message about how to report bad ads to SP
probably a better way to get there but this is all i know so hope you can read it if not i can copy paste but it is long you get points

cholesterol LDL 70 reached but still active monitoring
normal blood sugar this was met at physical in august 2013
however still watching carbs
weight average
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