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Do you like vegetable soups, quiche, omelets, casseroles, brownies? These can be excellent ways to add in veggies.

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Since your machine does not incorporate the skin or fiber---then I would suggest only using at most 1 cup of vegetable juice daily and counting this as 1 vegetable serving.

Aim for at least 3 servings of whole fruit (fresh, canned, frozen) daily to compensate for the fewer vegetable consumption.

And continue to use a serving of raw veggies daily


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I appreciate the info and ideas. I have a Jack La Lanne's power juicer. I put the fruits & veggies in nearly whole then it gives me just the juice. The pulp is separated out. I am hopeing that I can use this to get my veggies in. The fruit I can eat as is but very few veggies.

3/10/14 5:47 P

Can you share in more detail your juicing machine.

There are some high powered juicing machines (example Vita-Mix) that include the whole fruit/veggie when it blenderizes the produce.

Other juicing machines only give you juice and spit out the skin, fiber (pulp) and many of the beneficial nutrients.

What do you have???

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There is a formula that someone posted a while back. Unfortunately I don't have it anymore. It's complicated. But I know you are not counting the calories the same as if you ate the raw veggies and fruits.

Juices are good, but have you also tried smoothies? Smoothies you eat the whole veggie and fruit. i add protein powder in mine as well as find that berries sweeten it enough without having to add banana or other sweeter fruits. If it needs a sweet kick, i tend to put bee pollen in it, but just a bit.

You may also want to check with the rawfoodies group on SP. They have helped me in many ways and may have some good resources.
I have also gotten answers to some questions at my local farmers market. There is a group at mine that makes juices and smoothies.
Lastly, you may want to google juicing on line. There are experts who can answer questions and you don't have to buy their books.

Hopefully some of my suggestions helped.

3/10/14 3:29 P

I can not even force myself to eat cooked veggies. I don't eat many raw veggies either. However the good news for me is I tried jucing some veggies and fruits and can manage to drink those without to much trouble. But the thing is I don't know how much of which fruits and veggies is good for my nutrition and if you juice something do you count all the calories as if you had eaten the whole thing?
I have put broccoli,kale,spinach,lettuce ,carrots,cucumber,tomatoes celery into the juice. I have also added for a better taste apple,pear,oranges and berries. (not all of these at
the same time) I also have some protein powder I could add.
I thought I had found the answer to my eating veggies then realized it only raised more questions.
Thanks for any help you can give.

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