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3/22/12 11:28 A

I like the reebok kettlebell training and the Gold's Gym Kettlebell training.

3/24/11 3:00 P


The movement is a kettlebell movement called the swing. The bell is placed behind you as you squat then movement is done with the legs and hips, you do not swing the bell with your arms the momentum from the thrust of your legs and hips causes the bell to swing upward. This is not the way he teaches it in the DVD. His version of the Turkish Get Up is dissected in a YouTube video by an RKC certified kettlebell instructor.

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3/24/11 2:39 P

Yeah - I was suprised at the estimated calorie burn for the kettlebells, too - my video is an hour long and that smokes 1200 when I enter it in.

The numbers, there, come from a study done by ACE fitness.

It might not be accurate for everyone - but it is based on a serious, scientific study that was done in a controled environment.

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3/24/11 2:23 P

I don't own Bob Harper's Kettlebell workout, but I do own his Body Rev Cardio Conditioning. There is a move in it called the Dumbbell Swing. You do kind of a wide squat and hold one dumbbell that you swing up and down to in between your legs. If I'm correct, I think that is similar to a kettlebell movement? Anyways, I felt like I could barely move for almost a week after doing that DVD. I think it was from that move. I wonder if isn't done safely? Or maybe it was just too advanced for me.

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3/24/11 2:05 P

I agree with Zorbs on this point, Jillian doesn't do good form.. There are better instructors out there..

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3/24/11 5:21 A


If you were following Jillians atrocious form that she demonstrates in the video, you're definitely risking injury.

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3/24/11 12:07 A

I just completed JM Kettlebell workout also this evening. OMG I loved it! My calorie exp said it burned 440 calories, and for my weight, that sounds about right.
I'm not so worried about how many calories are being burned for now. I'm just trying to make it through the workout, focusing on contracting my core and good form. I was warned that without good form, I could risk injury. And I definately noticed the workout in my stomach, butt, and shoulders. It was great.
After the workout, I felt immediately stronger, and strangely...much happier, and less worried about the day's low points. hmmmph. emoticon

3/7/11 3:49 P


The material at is in my opinion the best available. They are the ones who are largely responsible for the reintroduction of kettlebells into the current fitness industry.

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3/7/11 3:45 P


3/7/11 3:42 P

Bob Harper's kettlebell workout has been severely criticized by certified kettlebell trainers. There is a YouTube video in which his technique for doing a Turkish Get Up is analyzed step by step demonstrating how wrong it is and the high potential for injury doing it.

Notwithstanding their wide exposure on The Biggest Loser neither one of these two individuals is an exemplary trainer according to people who are certified to train the techniques the two are now selling. I am a personal trainer so I teach what I know and do not try to pass myself off as being expert in yoga, pilates, zumba or even kettlebells since I have no specific training or certification in these disciplines.

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3/7/11 3:13 P

Bob Harper has a kettlebell workout dvd in his Inside Out Method series. I haven't tried it yet, but I generally find him to be a far better (and way tougher) trainer than Jillian Michaels.

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3/7/11 1:53 P

try the daily videos from

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3/7/11 12:21 P

I would think that kettlebell workouts could be considered cardio depending on how it's done. If you want to invest in a heart rate monitor. Mine was around $50 from Dicks Sporting Goods.

Otherwise just use your own judgement but be cautious.

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3/7/11 12:16 P

is there a kettlebell work out dvd out there that you suggest??

3/7/11 12:10 P

Jillian unfortunately knows nothing about kettlebells or kettlebell training so I doubt her workout will produce that level of calorie expenditure. The important point is that kettlebells are a strength training workout and should not be used to record a calorie count.

AULCAK Posts: 30
3/7/11 12:00 P

I did JM kettlebell workout at home this morning. When i plugged in for fitness i just plugged in kettlebell training and it said for 25 min about 500 calories burned. Is this accurate or is there another way i can plug in that sweat session under??

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