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2/7/12 6:56 P

That is one of my favorite non-scale victories! Great job!

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2/7/12 6:35 P


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2/7/12 5:48 P

emoticon emoticon

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2/6/12 9:38 P

Gotta love shopping the closet! emoticon

Tink - Charlotte NC
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2/6/12 12:38 P

correction * they don't understand how important.....

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2/6/12 12:35 P

Thanks everyone ! LMBO @Mary , i know exactly what you mean ! I didn't want to put them on just yet. I was reaching for a pair my favorite weekend sweats. And my husband said he thought i would fit them. i was so excited ! My kids were looking at me like i should be committed LOL .I don't understand how important a pair of jeans can be.

GELLERK Posts: 18
2/6/12 11:12 A

Wow--great job! That can feel like a much better indicator than the scale. At least you know you are starting to have your efforts show. emoticon

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2/6/12 10:49 A


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2/6/12 9:13 A


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2/6/12 7:51 A

I used to categorize my thinner jeans in categories named:
"Reaching until my knees", "Reaching until my hips", "Breathless" (closing but I was not able to breath with them emoticon ) and "Shadow" (I thought I had to be a shadow to fit in these jeans and I didn't know why the heck I bought them!).

Jeans is a great indicator to see how well you're doing! And it seems you are doing a great job!
Well done! emoticon

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2/5/12 11:04 P

That is awesome and really a better indicator than the evil scale.

Keep it up!

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2/5/12 5:08 P

I fit into a pair of my jeans that been just hanging out in closet!!! Yay me

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