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7/19/11 2:59 P


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7/16/11 12:43 P

Sounds like a great fitness goal. You can do it.

I make time for my program my getting to bed on time and waking up to get my fitness activity before the summer heat and before other responsibilities get in the way.

JOSHUA57 Posts: 27
7/16/11 12:12 P

thanks! I listened to your advice. Knocked out a 5K before it got to hot outside. Gotta keep limber. Forgot how good it felt to finish a fun run :)

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7/16/11 10:25 A

Why Monday? Today is a good starting point! Even a short run to get you limbered up for more serious training next week!

Good for you, try to remember the enthusiasm you feel today and use it to keep you moving towards your goal. It will be a great gift to your wife, kids and cousin to get into great shape and a healthier lifestyle!

Best of luck on your race, look forward to hearing about it, sounds like fun!

JOSHUA57 Posts: 27
7/16/11 9:41 A

I have been using Sparkpeople since October of last year. I'm 29. I had signed up for a wellness program through my health insurance. My wellness coach recommended this site. My starting weight was about 230. I got down to 205 by the new year. My wife signed me up for an 8 mile adventure race that took place in April (which was awesome fun). I have found that I am addicted to running now. I enrolled in classes full time for the summer and work 40+ hours a week. With two young boys needing my play time and a wife who deserves just as much of my time I am finding it harder now than ever to find time for running.

My cousin back home in Oklahoma has cancer and its not promising. I speak with her about once a month. I told her about how excited I was about running and that I was seriously thinking about signing up for an ultra marathon. She thought it would be "awesome" and that it is super inspiring for her. The local ultra marathon race is the Keys 100. Its a 100 mile race that goes from Key Largo to Key West. My cousin told me that she wants to fly down for Florida for the race and be there when I cross the finish line. Now I am inspired to do it. But, inspiration does not fix my lack of time to run problem. So, I have deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I am going to rededicate myself to the Sparkdiet, get myself down to race weight, and start training Monday.

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