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DROPCONE Posts: 1,577
6/29/13 1:26 P

If you want faster progress cut down on the alcohol. I don't drink much, but when I do I "match" water with alcohol. I'll start out with a pint of water before ordering my first drink. Next, another glass of water before the next drink. Also I try to drink the alcohol slowly. Most of the time it's time to go home before I get to the second drink. Nobody's ever given me hassle over drinking water instead of alcohol, and if you tip your server for bringing the water (even if it's free), they won't mind. Or, if you drive, you can become the "designated driver". No place classy will hassle a driver for not drinking at their establishment.

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6/29/13 8:27 A

If you could drop the alcohol for a little while and add more protein....doesn't sound like your are eating enough based on your exercise routine.....your body seems to be in starvation mode.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (277,043)
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6/22/13 8:03 P

Do the best you can and try to stay stress free.

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
6/22/13 3:31 P

drinking is empty calories. why waste them. I would fuel my body with calories that are good for me. And it's true the less you have to loose the harder it comes off.

ANARIE Posts: 12,578
6/22/13 12:38 P

How much alcohol are we talking about? It might not take much to help you drop a little more, if the alcohol is happening more than once a week or so. If you're having one serving of alcohol a day and you can cut it back to only weekends, you might be surprised how well things start moving again.

The thing about alcohol is that it acts like both a fat *and* a carb, and it seems to me like the body has to work twice as hard to metabolize it. I have no scientific backing for this, and in fact scientifically it doesn't make sense, but my personal silly superstitious feeling is that when you drink, the body puts all its attention into processing the alcohol, and whatever you ate around the same time just sticks. Anyhow, it always seems to me that my weight responds as if my food calories aren't going away when I drink. If I have a tiny meal with some wine, it doesn't make much diffference, but if I have a normal-sized (or heaven forbid, a restaurant meal) with alcohol, even if I stay within my calories I gain like I had eaten that much over maintenance. Could be my imagination, but...

Anyway, alcohol is empty calories. When you're close to goal or in early maintenance, there just isn't much room in your calorie allowance for anything that's not providing nutrients. Trying to lose/maintain while drinking alcohol is at least as hard as trying to lose while drinking soda or eating Cheetos. If it's a now-and-then thing, it slows you down; if it's every day, it can bring you to a grinding halt.

CHOCOLATELEA SparkPoints: (2,685)
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6/22/13 12:24 P

Congrats on 147! :)

Definitely the less you have to lose the longer it takes/harder it is.

My advice is to relax and work on maintenance for a while. Then shock your system with some kick-ass workouts and a variation in eating (800 calories/1500 calories/1000 calories/etc.). Do vegetarian meals at least three times a week (I would even say five).

I'm sure you look fabulous as is. Be proud of what you've accomplished!

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KNUCKLES145 Posts: 13,716
6/22/13 11:44 A

or if I cut back at all on exercise...wham....back it comes.

I have cut back to drinking once a week on average. its not the calories that seem to get me, but alcohol seems to slow my metabolism down even slower.

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SHERYLDS Posts: 12,824
6/22/13 11:03 A

I have a slower metabolism...but I have found that my choices (veggies/protein vs starches) have made a tremendous difference in being satisfied. And 300 calories of non-starchy veggies is a lot of food. For me the more nutrient dense the food choices...the better my body works.

I wouldn't waste my calories on alcohol

Sheryl from New Jersey, EST...2015 start wt. 231
6/22/13 10:54 A

Yes....for me, I am forever eating healthy and low-calorie meals, and the first time I splurge on something, it seems I gain back 5 pounds immediately. It's frustrating, but sounds like you are doing well. Keep it up.

Keep a sense of humor. Remember, laughing burns calories too!

Laugh until it hurts! It's one of the few things in life that's still free!!

Any effort is better than no effort!
PBPHILLIPS62 SparkPoints: (7,360)
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6/22/13 10:45 A

i'm down to: an egg, a salad and 6 oz. of lean meat for dinner.
i'm doing 45 min.s of Insanity workout everyday and still barely losing weight.
i am still drinking alcohol, though; i know that's bad and hindering me.
i'm down from 182 to 147.7 so i'm ok with maintaining but it's just shocking
that if i eat the smallest thing extra how i gain weight.

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