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WAVE1946 Posts: 167
9/12/11 1:53 P

I agree Carolee and the cost keeps going up~~~~

CAROLEE1945 SparkPoints: (20,839)
Fitness Minutes: (8,215)
Posts: 1,014
9/12/11 12:17 P

I am tired of people making money off new weight products.

WAVE1946 Posts: 167
9/12/11 11:14 A

I don't think I will but it sounded kinda hard to believe that you could loose that much size like that... Thanks for the response...

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
9/12/11 7:42 A

emoticon you can die from taking to much water off your body and that weight comes back when you drink ! Hope you don't choose this way it is dangerous even life threatening ! emoticon

WAVE1946 Posts: 167
9/11/11 7:37 P

I was told today about a product that you use as a wrap and it takes inches off the body part you have wrapped. I googled it and found "it Works" is a real product with many reviews, all good. The person that told me about this said that they used it for a month and continued with the change in diet and the exercise they learned here at Sparkpeople. The cost of this product isn't small ($99.00 a month) but some of the reviews were showing 5 -9 inches of loss in that month. I would like to know if anyone here has tried this and what they think of it. It is supposed to take the toxins out of your system and in that way slim you down????

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