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5/10/13 12:28 A

I recall in a previous post you made mention of PCOS - Have you seen the Dr since this possibility was raised? Have you been checked for Diabetes? They can be interconnected, and Diabetes can sometimes cause quick losses. My suggestion to you is that if this continues for more than a couple more days, check in with your Dr including for the Depression.

Good luck,

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5/9/13 8:06 P


It sounds like you're experiencing some water weight fluctuation. Bloating and hormone changes because of PMS-ing can cause me to gain as much as 5-7 pounds in a week. However, I can also lose as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of my body releasing water.

Over the couple of days, you'll notice your weight does stabilize. So try not to worry. These types of fluctuations really are perfectly normal.

My advice ? Don't weigh yourself during your menstrual cycle if you tie your emotions to the scale. Wait until after your period or PMS symptoms have passed. In fact, you might not want to weigh yourself every day. I know some experts say you should, but personally I don't think a person needs to weigh themselves more than once a week.

Once again, that's my personal opinion.

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5/9/13 6:08 P

Could be. Think about hormones, water retention, salt in diet etc. If you are eating heathier and exercising you may be mobilizing some fluid and could lose several pounds.

5/9/13 5:29 P

Generally I would have to say no, BUT it depends on how bad your depression is and how much exercise you are doing and how much you switched over to healthy eating (and assuming you don't have any problems like a low thyroid). The more you weigh, the faster some people tend to lose at first; it's recommended to not lose more than 2 pounds per week.

With your depression, is it more stress and worry than just feeling moody? I ask because I went through this a few years ago-I got so stressed at work (a physical job, too) and I lost a LOT of weight in a few days, but I was too upset to eat.

All I can recommend is that if it keeps happening to see your doctor and get some tests done.

Are you getting your recommended calories in? You can lose weight by not getting your calories in but after a while, that will stabilize and your body will hold on to everything.

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5/9/13 3:27 P

ok so a few days ago i was worried about how i was deppresses and all that good stuff but now i find my self loosing 2 - 3 lbs a day for the past few days is that how its suppose to happen??

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