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2/18/10 1:02 P

Heel Jacks are an excellent alternative. Instead of bouncing up and down with the traditional Jumping Jack you move your arms just like the JJ but with your feet you will alternate heal taps out in front.

It is much more join friendly.

MRDPOLING Posts: 10,481
2/18/10 10:41 A

I hadn't thought about getting one of those small round trampolines. That is a great idea and fun too.

HBOOJUM Posts: 154
2/18/10 10:34 A

If you don't want to get on the trampoline, I was shown an alternative in one of the classes I go to for jumping jacks. You still move your arms over head in the same position, but each time you do it, put your foot out on the floor with your heel on the floor and toes toward the ceiling then bring it in and do it with your other leg. Do it as fast as you can, but no jumping involved. It may seem easy, but it starts to get hard fast!

ANMRUNNER Posts: 1,809
2/17/10 1:00 P

There are lots of moves in the 30DS that you can't do upstairs of an apartment. Level 3 is pretty much off limits unless you're on a ground floor. I've tried doing shadow boxing, kick boxing, and even just really fast squats but nothing quite takes the place of jumping jacks though a mini-tramp might come right close!

REDSTYLO10 Posts: 43
2/17/10 8:48 A

Trampoline is good. You could also stay on the ground, maintain the arm movements and alternate lifting legs.

AFMILWIFE Posts: 121
2/17/10 3:31 A

I just did the Biggest Loser workout on the Wii and they had me in the jumping jack position and doing a sqaut jumping jack so instead of jumping, I squat and keep the save movement with my arms. Hope that helps.

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2/17/10 1:24 A

I think that would be a great alternative.


ONYXMOON13 Posts: 108
2/16/10 11:38 P

i just did my first workout using "Jillian Michaels 30 day shred". i think its great, i definately feel it. the only problem is that i live in an apartment and i need to workout after i put my kids to bed and its not respectful for me to be doing jumping jacks especilly at night.. since that is a part of it, is there any way around it? i have a mini trampoline, do you think that could minimize the effect of jumping? thank you.

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