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12/3/11 6:51 A

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your B-12. I don't know if anything exists to replace B-12 shots but hopefully they do in your case. The allergies can be such a pain.

My son, Michel, has lots of allergies to medicine, the worse being antibiotiques. He would break out into annaflactic shoke with some of them. I think they finally found on of the newer drugs work with him. But he has to be monitor during the time he is taking it.

What is your doctor doing about the B-12 - Take care


12/3/11 1:11 A

thanks for all the replys. Yes, my body is rejecting the B 12 shots and pills due to intenstine

surgery years ago. I have an ostomy as i had icc disease. I notice i have spells of being very

down now and i really never had them before.

Hoping my new mini trampoline will help me exercise more to lift my spirits. I go back to dr

soon so maybe he restart my shots altho oddly they made me itch on my face.

Dr said he had never head of that but maybe i was allergic to the medicine so strong so he

began the pills. I am allergic to a lot of medicine.

thanks again for info from all who replied.

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10/28/11 8:22 P

Thanks, I know what B12 is. I used to work in Medical Daycare and I'm quite familiar with people coming in for monthly shots. I assume the member has some vitamin deficiency related health issues that's why she is looking for a team.

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10/28/11 7:55 P

B12 is not a chronic disease really. It is a vitamin. My dh has to get a shot of B-12 every month because his body no longer produces it. Once you start your B-12 shots you must get at least 10 shots per year. If less than that it could affect your mental condition.

If you need someone to talk with Karate_Kid just buzz me. Would be happy to discuss B-12 with you.


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10/28/11 7:49 P

There is a team called "People with anemia" and a couple that just say "Chronic disease", non-specific.

Good luck!

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10/28/11 9:57 A

I did a search and I can't seem to find a team for people with a B12 deficiency. However, I did find an online support group. This website is not part of Spark People. It's a website I found when I did a search for B12 deficiency support group. Perhaps you can find some help here.

Have you asked your doctor if they know of any local groups you could join ?

10/27/11 5:48 P

looked on team pages and typed in words to find.

anyone know if there is one what name of it would be. thanks bea

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