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is sherbet ice cream better than regular ice cream

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Posts: 5,690
8/27/08 1:06 A

I have a friend who just had a heart attack and his doctor told him to have sherbet instead of ice cream. I am a diabetic and I have found a sugar free orange sherbet that is good. You just have to go by your portions.

Posts: 7,053
8/26/08 11:59 P

I would just choose by the calories if I were wondering which was best for me.

I don't think that low fat is necessarily better in a frozen dessert. In the case of a high sugar content, it's usually better to have fat in there as well, in my opinion, but fat does increase calories and for me, calories are what count in weight management.

Posts: 11,488
8/26/08 10:50 P

Well both of them are primarily sugar, so neither is a good choice on a frequent basis. However, ice cream is made with cream while sherbet is made with milk, so sherbet has less fat.

Posts: 1,514
8/26/08 10:36 P

I think sorbet is usually best - it's usually made from real fruit, where sherbet I don't think usually has real fruit in it. Read the labels though - see how many calories per serving, and how much sugar and/or fat, and make sure you watch your serving sizes. Sherbet is probably better than regular ice cream.

Also check out things like Skinny Cow ice cream - they have some ice cream pops (skinny dippers, I think they're called?) that are only 80 calories a pop, and their ice cream tastes much better to me than most "diet" ice cream.

Posts: 6
8/26/08 10:25 P

i have stopped eating alot of things and i have lost 12 lbs so far.i really dont want to mess up so i wanted to know if sherbet is ok to eat or should i buy something else

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