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LARRYA5 SparkPoints: (15,314)
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1/17/12 10:20 P

No! Have a snack. Im having a fat free sugar free pudding. I like my late snack,always leave a few calories for it.

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LISAWMI SparkPoints: (49,730)
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1/17/12 9:19 P

Its not too late to eat, especially if you are hungry and have some calories left! Make it a healthy snack!

-Lisa- EST

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1/17/12 8:34 P

Your body doesn't know what time it is. As long as you track what you are eating it's fine to have an evening snack. Some people find that eating too close to bedtime causes them to have indigestion or heartburn, but it will not affect weight loss.

1/17/12 8:27 P

If you are hungry, eat! Have some fruit dipped in yogurt or something healthy like that.

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1/17/12 8:21 P

i have eaten pretty good all day. i have used up alot of my calories today but im hungry and its ater 8 pm at my house. should i eat or not?

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