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CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,677
5/6/09 7:59 P

I can gain that much after a high sodium day. It goes away quickly once I start eating better.

KGLASIER2 Posts: 836
5/6/09 7:55 P

your weight will fluctuate daily, sometimes even 5 lbs! don't let it freak you out. instead of weighing yourself daily, start a weekly routine. pick a weigh in day...after you wake up, use the restroom, and before you eat or drink anything, weigh yourself and take measurements.

this is a habit i've adopted, and its what many people do. it gives you a more accurate idea of your weight loss.

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5/6/09 6:44 P

First of all... don't weigh yourself every day, and especially don't weigh yourself multiple times a day!!! Yikes! You'll drive yourself crazy!


Just think about the food you eat and the liquids you drink. If you were to put a full day's food and drinks on a scale, they'd weigh far more than 4 pounds. Obviously weighing yourself before you eat and weighing yourself after you eat will show a difference... an empty stomach weighs less than a full one!

Also, weight naturally fluctuates due to hydration, your cycle (if you're female), your hormone levels, and other factors.

But, seriously, I can't say this enough -- don't weigh yourself so often!

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MELNJAY Posts: 291
5/6/09 5:35 P

im not sure why you would gain that much in one day. are you retaining water? well good luck to you.

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BLONDISSIMA777 Posts: 794
5/6/09 5:27 P

Water weighs a lot. The 64 ounces we are recommended to drink daily weigh a bit over 4 pounds and a lot of times we retain more water than other (hormonal changes during TOM, sodium intake, etc).

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LWHITE6 Posts: 8
5/6/09 5:04 P

whew thank you. I thought something was drastically wrong with my scale. hee hee thank goodness.

5/6/09 4:52 P

no way! maybe you are retaining water because of too much salt. the only way to gain 4 pounds is to eat 14000 calories!

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LWHITE6 Posts: 8
5/6/09 4:47 P

Im just wondering if anyone out there knows if it is physically possible to gain 4 pounds in one day when you stayed within your caloric intake levels??? what the heck. I am very frustrated!

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