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7/27/14 4:57 P

Here is my take on it -- 45 minutes of intentional exercise is great! It is important to work on your NEAT activity during the day as well (just keeping more active) if you're sedentary because of a desk job, you can always find time throughout the day to stand and stretch, take a walk to the water cooler or take a different path to the bathroom. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther out in the parking lot, etc. It is actually quite easy to add in more activity in your day just by making small-ish changes. Just as important is to eat for your activity level. Make sure you're calories are on par with your activity. A good idea is to use a good calculator to help you decide what your caloric level is:

A good rule of thumb is to subtract 500 calories from your TDEE and that will give you a realistic calorie level for weight loss.

Good luck!


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7/27/14 6:54 A

For most people, weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. So despite what you do on the exercise front, you need to tackle the intake side of things as well.

However, I think 45 minutes should be plenty for most purposes, if you are . Generally speaking, onec you get to 30-40 minutes of exercise, you are better off adding more intensity to exercise rather than more time.

As others have mentioned, quality matters with workouts. As well as cardio, any good
exercise program includes strength training as well.

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7/26/14 9:02 P

Yes, it definitely depends on the intensity. I would say 45 minutes of good activity is great.

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7/26/14 8:44 P

I agree with others it depends on the intensity of the exercise. I think diet is more important than exercise if you're trying for weight loss. I exercised a lot but did not lose but a few pounds, but changing my diet and lower my caloric intake really decreased my weight. Tracking the amount of food I ate was very important.

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7/26/14 4:54 P

45 minutes depends on if you are breaking a sweat or not. You do need to get your heart rate up.......Just remember you can't out exercise a bad diet....and 45 minutes of working out is better than nothing so you are lapping everyone else sitting on the couch.

7/25/14 7:24 P

Let's do this!

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7/25/14 7:14 P

The amount of time is great, but it all depends on the intensity of the exercising you are doing. Say you are walking at a slow clip for the duration than no it is not enough after a little while. You would have to pick up the pace, and or add more strenuous exercise activities in with the time you are walking- like pushups & lunges in the 45-60 minutes of your daily routine. These other exercises added in with your daily walk will not only burn a tremendous amount of more calories in the process, but your upper body will tone up as well as your lower half.

PS: as others have mentioned diet is even more important than exercising in keeping a desirable weight whether you are active or not. What you eat will serve you even if you were not able to exercise for whatever conceivable reason. However exercising along with a normal healthy diet is best for a healthy long lifestyle.

Stay motivated.

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7/25/14 10:00 A

It depends on what you're doing for those 45 minutes, including the intensity. A heart rate monitor with a chest strap is a really good investment to make for your weight loss journey, because it will give you the most accurate measures of your heart rate (which indicates the intensity of your workout) and the calories you burn during that workout. Prior to buying my monitor, my calorie burn information was inflated by almost double when I just went by the machine readout or even sometimes the Sparkpeople data! That's a huge difference when you're trying to lose weight!

Exercise is important, but make sure you're paying attention to how you're fueling your body - diet is more impactful on weight loss than exercise!

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7/24/14 11:52 P

For fitness and/or weight loss, if you're doing it regularly and gradually increasing your intensity, probably yes. My personal experience is that weight loss needs to be primarily driven by diet -- exercise is great and can help (and is essential in maintenance), but it is almost impossible to lose through exercise alone. Too much exercise can make you extremely hungry in the weight loss phase -- which is obviously counter-productive. (I once got up to 2 hours or so a day, which just led me to eat back much of what I was burning off -- totally not what I was going for!)

Recent studies have shown that prolonged periods of sitting are bad for our health regardless of whether we exercise regularly, however -- so if you can, try to fit in some more movement during the day. (Just a quick walk around the office, stretching, or whatever.) I try to get up every hour or so, and at least stretch my legs a bit and get the circulation going. If I have time and the weather is nice, I'll do a 20-30 minute walk break, instead of a coffee break. Doesn't burn a lot of calories for each break, but it does add up over time (especially if you don't use it as an excuse to snack!).

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7/24/14 6:45 P

It's certainly a good start :)

You may find as you get in the habit that you WANT more, and that you can find ways to get more exercise in.

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7/24/14 6:26 P

I can spend about 45 minutes to an hour in the morning exercising but the rest of my day is primarily seditary. Is it enough?


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