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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/9/13 10:43 P

I eat pretty much the same food every day. I just switch around how I put them together. I like certain foods, and plan to eat them forever, so no reason to eat other foods.

You lost 16 lbs, and now your body is adjusting. If it works for you, it won't just stop working. Give it a few days, and the scale will start moving again.

LINAREX SparkPoints: (22,824)
Fitness Minutes: (7,380)
Posts: 1,567
1/9/13 10:41 P

As long as you are getting the nutrients that you need, and you don't get bored with it, I don't see the harm.

MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
1/9/13 10:26 P

Congrats on your weightloss! I would add more variety of fresh produce such as fruits and veggies to make sure you're getting more nutrients.

81MSMITH1 SparkPoints: (18,258)
Fitness Minutes: (30,465)
Posts: 72
1/9/13 10:18 P

I don't think it is bad to eat the same thing every day. I have about three different breakfasts that I cycle through. I do eat different things for dinner though, like you. I find that if I limit what I eat I get bored quickly and that leads to a binge.

ANGIELEWIS023 SparkPoints: (2,683)
Fitness Minutes: (989)
Posts: 65
1/9/13 10:13 P

If you are getting all the nutrients that you need and it is healthy, I would think it would be ok.

ANNELIZABETH918 SparkPoints: (50,760)
Fitness Minutes: (118,831)
Posts: 262
1/9/13 9:00 P

I've heard it's actually good for you. I've been making sandwiches and having fruit for lunches and not craving anything else :)

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,232
1/9/13 5:57 P

emoticon "Go YOU on the weight loss!

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with eating the same things every day, especially since you mentioned the word "comforting". I've been eating pretty much the same thing for breakfast for years, and when I'm working I eat pretty much the same thing for lunch every day. I like the routine of it, it simplifies shopping since I always buy the same stuff, and I also find what I eat comforting. Dinner is always different stuff, so it's not like I don't get any variety in my food.

Even when I was a kid, I liked having the same thing for lunch every day. One year, I had baloney with catsup on white bread every single day at school. The next year, it was american cheese with mustard on white bread. (I know, I know, not healthy choices. That was almost 50 years ago and what can I say.) What do I do when my favorites aren't available? Well, I just check what I've got, in the nutrition tracker, and figure out what and how much to eat.

So no, it's not bad. If you were bored it would be bad. Not everyone needs tons of variety all day long.

I'm thinking for a plateau, maybe try mixing up your exercise routine, or increasing the intensity. For example, if you walk for exercise, pick up the pace and walk for the same amount of time, but a bit faster. Or instead of walking, try out some cardio dvd's. There are lots of articles here on Spark about plateaus.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
1/9/13 5:46 P

First, if you've lost 16 pounds in a month, there's no plateau. A plateau is when you don't lose ANYTHING for at least a month or two. Plateaus are measured in months, not in days or weeks. Weight loss doesn't happen in a straight line; it's normal to have weeks now and then when you don't lose or even gain a little. So take the word "plateau" out of your vocabulary for now.

Actually, if you've lost 16 pounds in a month, the danger is that you're losing too fast. Are you meeting the minimum calorie recommendation that SparkPeople set for you? The minimums aren't so much about calories as about nutrients. If you're not meeting your minimum calorie requirements, it's likely that you're not getting enough protein, calcium, other minerals, fiber, vitamins, and so on. Check to see that you're meeting your targets for protein, fiber, and calcium at the least.

If you are meeting your basic nutritional needs, then it's probably okay to repeat meals, but consider making *small* changes just to help you meet your needs for minor nutrients that you don't track. For example, instead of having an apple every day for lunch, decide that you're going to have a serving of fruit. Apples are good ffor you, but so are oranges, bananas, grapefruits, strawberries, and so on. Eating an apple one day, a pear the next, and an orange the day after that will balance out calorie-wise, but give you a wider variety of vitamins. Maybe have tuna instead of chicken one day a week, to get you some Omega 3 fats, and think about whether you'd be happy with an ounce of mixed nuts and dried fruit in place of the granola bars now and then. You don't have to make huge changes and you don't have to change everything at once, but broadening your horizons is a good thing nutritionally and *might* make it easier to stay on track over the long run (but you have to decide that last part for yourself. Most people do better with variety, but you might not; you know yourself best.)

MOMMYOF2RN Posts: 579
1/9/13 5:39 P

Congrats on the weight loss emoticon I have 2 breakfast options I like to switch between, and maybe 3 lunch options. I dont think there is anything wrong with eating the same foods as long as you arent getting bored with it. Since you are at a plateau now it may not hurt to change some things up, how about your exercise routine? Is it the same everyday? if so you may want to change that up...Good Luck!

SWIMGIRL555 Posts: 378
1/9/13 5:21 P

Congratulations on your weight loss! 16 pounds in a month is really great. I personally do not think there is anything wrong with eating the same thing every day and it obviously seems to be working for you. Plus you are getting variety by eating something different at dinner. If you do reach a weight loss plateau then you may want to look into changing things up a bit but the way I see it is that there are a lot worse ways you could be eating so good for you!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,235
1/9/13 5:17 P

there are two issues with eating the same thing all the time.
the fist is that most people like some variety, so when you get sick of that set of options, what do you have? admittedly, some people do really well eating mostly the same stuff, most of the time, so if you really are one of those, then this is less of an issue.
the second is that if you can only lose if you eat those specific foods, what happens when you don't have access to them? the more scenarios you teach yourself to succeed in, the more scenarios you will be able to succeed in. so many people have such an all or nothing mentality, that "if i can't have my usual breakfast, i may as well go eat three grand slams at denny's" sounds reasonable. when in fact having a smoothie, or toast with nut butter and fruit, a bowl of oatmeal, a quesadilla or any number of other options could be reasonable middle grounds. so varying just often enough that you have three or four reasonable backup options can be a good thing. and if you do have a plan b and a plan c and a plan d ready to go, then sticking to the same thing nearly all of the time if you like it sounds fine.
i would say you may want to try adding a serving of veg to your breakfast.

IREMLAP Posts: 11
1/9/13 4:55 P

Every day for breakfast, I have:
2 slices of bread - 45 cal ea.
1 pc. Turkey bacon
1/4 cup egg substitute
1 glass of water

Every day for lunch, I have
1 chicken sandwich with light mayo
1 pkg apple slices
1 low fat raspberry yogurt
1 water bottle

Every day for snack, I have
2 Nature valley oats and honey bar.

For dinner i eat something different every night.


Is it bad to eat the same things everyday?
Could this cause the weight-loss plateau i am currently at?

I like eating the same thing because it is simple, easy, and comforting.
Even before i was dieting i would have the same breakfast, lunch, and snack.

Please help!

ps. I've been eating like this for over a month now and have lost about 16 pounds.

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