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5/13/10 10:53 P

I use Cottage Cheese regularly. I don't know if it is a Super Food, but it is definitely very good for you. The low/no fat varieties are best, and ensure that it is the lower sodium content. I use mine when I need a low cal snack, that needs to be more protein based than carb based. I just get the chives one so that I don't need to add anything else re flavour/calories.

Drained Tuna and Cottage Cheese is an excellent combination, and in the summer I add tomato and Romaine Lettuce to that for a nice healthy sandwhich (on a good quality bread of course:-)


CATDLK Posts: 738
5/13/10 10:40 P

I love cottage cheese and all its uses. I only eat the fat free. I add stevia, cinnamon and almond slivers to serve on top of whole wheat french toast with fresh strawberries. I used it on sun dried tomato flat bread today with fresh spinach and grilled chicken breast for a wrap. One of my favorite uses is 1/2 cup mixed with a can of tuna (drained) with dill and spicy mustard for a wrap, sandwich or on top of thick cucumber slices.

BABYCAKES1984 Posts: 910
5/13/10 10:11 P

I like to have it for lunch or dinner with tomatoes or with pineapple. I have also used it in place of sour cream on a baked potato. Sometimes, I will use it as a side with dinner.

5/13/10 10:03 P

1 cup of 1% is about 160 calories, 28 grams of protein, 2g fat, and 6g carbs and no sugar. It is high in sodium, but most of my food is fresh homemade, so I don't see it being a problem. I like it for lunch sometimes, 1 cup fills me up. As an evening snack a half cup keeps me through the night. It goes a long way to helping me meet my protein needs.

HORSIFIED1 Posts: 659
5/13/10 9:37 P

It is a great protein source instead of meat. You do have to watch the sodium content though on some brands. I really like cottage cheese for lunch on days when I am having salad. It is a good protein to go with my vegetables.

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5/13/10 9:33 P

Yes if you get low or no fat. Its a great source of protein and calcium - just watch the sodium.

TINYTURTLE80 Posts: 62
5/13/10 9:31 P

i don't currently eat cottage cheese, but i've heard that it's a "super food". if that is the case, i'm considering incorporating it into my diet. what does SP think?

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