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2/5/13 11:44 A

I am excited to try the miracle noodles! I have never even heard of them before! emoticon

YOGIJD SparkPoints: (1,607)
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2/4/13 9:17 P

I also get light whole wheat bread, then put spaghetti sauce over that. 40 calories (or maybe 80 for 2 pieces) instead of 210 calories.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (58,536)
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2/3/13 9:42 P

My favorite pasta replacement is shredded zucchini! Sauteed just a bit with seasoning, it's UBER flling, and with tomato sauce-based spaghetti sauce, it's so low calorie you HAVE to add cheese to make it stick! LOL!

I use a spiral slicer, peel the zucchini, and run it through the slicer. Instant fun, attractive noodles!

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SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
2/1/13 12:51 P

We're not on a GF, low-carb, or similar diet, so we can indulge in pasta from time to time. But here's the thought we put into it:

- 1oz or about 28g of grain product is *about* the same across the board: 100-110 calories. Wholegrain is better than refined (brown rice better than white, and so on). They'll be within a gram or two of each other for protein and most of the calories will come from starches.
- following a 'My Plate' type system for meals, you *do* want a grain or starch in there, at least most meals, but it shouldn't dominate.
- most pastas list 2oz/56g as a serving size, so 200+ calories. That's *fine* if you want a *really big* meal, but we find that as with other grains, 1oz/28g dry per person is the perfect serving size for a meal that's 300-400 calories total.

And as SLACHETKA103145 mentioned, there are GF quinoa pastas out there. We have a box of one of them, the elbow pasta ... and in terms of cooking and taste it's great! I used it in a baked mac-and-cheese a while back.

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2/1/13 8:14 A

To me staying on a GF diet requires pasta as it gives the cook a way to satisfy both GF and wheat eaters at one time. I use a quinoa pasta. If sauces are made at home calories and salt can be controlled and make this food even healthier. We also like the spaghetti squash and zucchini and both can and should be incorporated into meal plans.


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1/19/13 4:14 P

I prefer spaghetti squash or zucchini "noodles".

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1/19/13 1:23 P

I could eat pasta everyday. So now I eat it as a treat. I make one serving of pasta(measure 2oz dry) and add in lots of veggies and save eating the pasta for last. Sometimes I treat myself to the really rich sauces, Maybe once or twice a month. My marinara sauce is homemade.

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1/8/13 9:09 A

I am not a fan of wheat pasta... so I have the regular, and the proper serving size.

FITMARTI SparkPoints: (20,370)
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1/7/13 8:35 P

I like the japanese miracle noodles and also spaghetti squash

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12/10/12 2:20 P

If you want to have pasta, just have pasta.

BUT of course, you'll use 85g dry, wholegrain product and top with a veggie, low or no fat sauce. And yeah, of course pasta, meaning wholegrain pasta, is healthy!
There is a wide selection of pasta out there. Ever heard of spelt or kamut spaghetti for example? if you worry about carbs (and in my opinion you shouldn't. You need to fuel both your brain and muscles), you could try with a type of spaghetti that is naturally low carb. Or you can have raw pasta (made of squash, carrot and whatever- just check some raw food blogs), made of veggies, that you can easily make alone at home using a peeler (if you don't have one, you should know they won't cost you more than 2$).

i'm also a spaghetti maniac. My thing used to be plain tomato sauce, buttered pasta and cheese. But you know what? it's just food. And you may long for such treats, but if you have a bite or two of it, you'll get over it fine without messing your program up.

You could boil 1/2 cup water and spill it over dry whole grain pasta (it should be 2 Tspoons uncooked). Forget about it for 10 minutes and then drain your food, pour over some of your favourite sauce and/or cheese and enjoy your 3 bites. Even if you want to have more, there won't be more for you to eat! :) So savour those bites and forget about it.

I'm doing a 21 days no binge streak. FOR ME, it's been TREMENDOUSLY helpful to be accountable to other people and to compete against myself. Please join us if you think it'll work for you too:


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LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
12/6/12 10:57 P

I eat it but make sure add lost of sauce (healthy non-creamy ones - tomato and spinach for eg..) and less pasta. I also love to use left overs of some pastas in salad - can make a salad more like a meal even with only a small amount of pasta added

-POOKIE- Posts: 12,613
10/24/12 8:48 A

I had the japanese miracle noodles with a pasta/quorn/mushroom sauce last night, they are a good replacement for pasta.

I dont eat pasta, its so high calorie, empty carbs, for small portions, I just dont think its worth it.

FITMOM1969 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/24/12 3:12 A

Not for me even though I try to eat it in small amounts it pushes my blood sugar through the roof just like rice. I purchased whole wheat much better for me just about getting used to the difference in flavor.

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CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,380)
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10/9/12 3:04 P

I think in moderation, it is fine. Maybe try whole wheat pasta. (i am not a fan of that). When I make pasta for dinner, I have salad, and maybe another veggie and start with a bowl of soup to help fill me up. In the past I would have had a heaping bowl of pasta (with a few pieces of garlic bread)-and now I measure out a serving or less. I also track it-to be sure I am staying within my range.

CHESAPEAKE60 SparkPoints: (7,369)
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10/7/12 5:30 P

Have you tried spaghetti squash?

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 36,619
10/5/12 10:27 A

In moderation, it is fine to have pasta. Something you may want to do though is try whole wheat pasta or some other whole grain pasta to make it healthier.

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FUNNYGIRLJESS SparkPoints: (7,177)
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10/3/12 9:38 P

I can't stray from the yummy spaghetti and sauce, and other endless ways to make pasta.
Do you think it's bad for you? I know too many carbs will pack on pounds.
What are some good ways to make pasta? emoticon

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