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10/26/12 7:34 A

I have heard of many people being "cured" of IBS when they eliminate gluten and or grains from their diet.

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10/25/12 6:19 P

NAYPOOIE - I'm glad it isn't you with IBS but I feel sorry for your co-worker. The thing is, high fat consumption can/will alter the bowel motions with someone WITH this disease and can really cause explosive bowels. Even with me - I don't have this at all, but if I eat a little too much fat I notice a huge difference and it isn't nice. Often the higher fat happens because a lot of people eat a lot more meat for it. When you drop the carbs considerably, generally the protein proportion increases considerably as a side effect. A high protein diet can cause big-time problems for the kidneys and if you are at risk of diabetes, then the problems are further compounded.


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10/25/12 1:23 P

Slimmerkiwi, Atkins isn't supposed to be particularly high protein. It can be high fat, but since it's the fat you burn for energy, that's the way it works.

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10/25/12 1:20 P

I'm actually not the one with the IBS, a coworker was just diagnosed with it. She's pretty miserable with it, so I was wondering what kind of things might help. I know they told her about keeping stress down (she laughed). She's finding it hard to going in the mornings, frequently late to work, not sleeping well.

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10/25/12 11:35 A

What type of IBS do you have? I struggle with IBS-C, and what has worked for me is to:

a) obsessively watch my fiber intake; and
b) exercise!

My doc prescribed Miralax for when things really get stuck, but I prefer not to use it if possible. Avocados REALLY help...they're packed with fiber (and they're delicious!).

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10/24/12 4:43 P

Kiwi gave some good advice. I'll just add that my BF has Crohn's (had surgery for it 14 years ago), and he's mostly in remission, but he still has some issues with it. He cannot drink regular milk, he drinks Lactaid (but cheese doesn't bother him), and when he tried gluten free his symptoms got worse. Also certain herbs (like cilantro) really bother him, but others (like rosemary) do not. He also has to watch his fiber intake, but somehow fat doesn't bother him (I wish it did so he'd cut out his trips to fast food for lunch! LOL) Keeping the journal like Kiwi mentioned, and talking with your doctor will be the best way to figure out what you shouldn't be eating because as you can see, everyone is affected differently.

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10/24/12 4:36 P

I have had this problem on and off for years. I will tell you that diet does help but what really made a huge difference for me was exercise. Believe me - I really didn't believe buy this but sure enough, it worked. It does take time especially if you have real problems with IBS right now. The basis is that exercise gets your insides moving and stretched out and allows food to digest properly. I have been consistently exercising for quite some time now and I rarely have a problem with it now and can eat whatever I want.

Hope this helps!

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10/24/12 4:06 P

My husband has Crohn's Disease and has just had surgery for it.

There are different foods which affect different people with Irritable Bowel. You are best to keep a diary of WHAT you eat. I would suggest in a spread-sheet format. Make one column the date, another the fat, another the fibre, another WHAT you ate, and the last column what your bowels were like. You may be able to go through and figure out what foods affect you (or amount of fat/fibre) and eliminate/reduce yourself, OR you could ask your Dr for a referral to a Dietitian and take the spreadsheet with you for her (usually women) to go through.

Allergies and intolerances to certain foods can be a cause - things like milk (lactose) and gluten, but you are best to talk with your Dr/Dietitian about this. Also, depending on how bad it is, you MAY need multi-vitamins to help replace what you lose through the bowel.

Another thing that can seriously affect people with Irritable Bowel is STRESS! I would suggest that you have a wee think and if you ARE stressed, look for ways to reduce that stress. Don't overlook the importance of a Therapist to help you if need be! You can be taught relaxation techniques that work wonders.

Below is a link you may find helpful:

After having just peeked at your Nutrition Tracker, and SparkPage I see that you have mentioned The Atkins Diet. I would think that THAT would be one of the LEAST helpful ways of eating - very high protein and FAT! I know a few people who have ended up with permanent gut health problems because of this - one even needed hospitalization.

Below are a couple more links you may wish to check out:>

Hope you find some relief pretty soon!

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10/24/12 3:46 P

I had a lot of trouble with this a few years back and it was b/c I needed to lower my protein intake. I know it sounds weird, but too much protein and I felt awful most of the time. A balance diet is the best.

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10/24/12 2:40 P

Has anyone had success with diet as a way of dealing with this problem?

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