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Split routines are theoretically possible while still allowing the muscles adequate rest.

But many exercises actually use several different muscles to keep you balanced and stablized, including some that you might not think would naturally be incorporated into that movement.

To do a split routine, you really have to know quite a bit about the exercises and the muscles involved.

The routine you mention, for example, will in fact be working the upper body (arms and shoulders) in successive days, and not giving those muscles sufficient rest. The abs and back are opposing pairs in the same muscle group, and you would not be giving those muscles sufficient rest.

Resting the muscles between ST sessions is just as important as the ST itself. And a poorly structured split routine will not give you the full benefits of ST.

The more traditional approach of a full body routine is the safer, easier and probably more effective way to go about things.


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2/14/13 3:08 A

yeah - I was doing interval training and that extra cardio wasn't helping much.

so yes, like I said, I'm new and it took me months to be able to tolerate the cardio that I do anyways, so I think i just need to up my protein and take it easy.


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2/14/13 12:30 A

you can do streingth training almost every day without a problem but the key is to only work 1 or 2 body parts a day and give those a rest for at least 48 hours - so you could do legs one day, abs and arms the next, shoulders and back the following and then go back to legs, etc... the cardio can be done on the same day as the dancing, you just need to look at how hard you are working - what kind of dance are you doing? some works harder than others and everything depends on how much you are doing - without keeping track and knowing the intensity it is hard to know and everything takes time for your body to work up to it - I agree with the other person who posted about protein as well - I typically will try to get in 100grams of protein in a day minimum on days I do strength training and use protein powder shakes as a way to get some of that in without high calories!

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2/14/13 12:09 A

Strength training IS a form of cardio, if you do it properly, so you may be overloading yourself with cardio without realizing it. I recommend you talk to a personal trainer, and also examine your diet to see if that might be the cause of your fatigue. I also agree with the previous posters regarding rest days (although I only take 1-2 per week). You can still do strength training almost every day, provided you focus on different muscle groups each time and allow your muscles ample time to rest before taxing them again.

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2/13/13 11:22 P

That would imply you were doing work no more taxing on your core than everyday balancing and standing. If that's the case, then yes, you can work that every day. But I would have to ask - why are you bothering?

Good strength training works a body part to failure and overloads the muscles, prompting tears that heal up in the rest phase, making the muscle stronger.

If you are taxing your abs, like you do other body parts, they need the same rest.

If you're not taxing them that much they don't, that is true. But why bother doing something with no real outcome?

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2/13/13 9:07 P

Technically you work your core every day. Cardio, standing-based strength training, most forms of exercise require manipulation through the core. You can do core everyday just like you can walk everyday (or you do walk everyday). The only caveat is to take it easy if your lower back hurts.

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2/13/13 8:35 P

BRENNA84 you need to turn that question around and ask "Why should abs be treated differently?"

Abdominus Rectus is the same tissue as your Gluteus Maximus. So what sense does it make to enforce a 48 hour wait after working one muscle, but not another?

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2/13/13 8:11 P

your core is a muscle so it needs rest and recover. Why hurt yourself.......? Besides great abs are built in the kitchen by what you eat. Ab workouts make them stronger.

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2/13/13 7:02 P

i have never heard that core shouldn't be worked everyday.

not refuting it - but could you explain further WHY?

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2/13/13 12:56 P

Your core is like your quads and glutes - it's all made of skeletal muscle tissue and it all works the same.

Therefore core should not be done daily.

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2/13/13 5:29 A

well, this might be right where I was going wrong. i was going with barely a day a week with nothing strength training like.

okay, I think from now on I'll just do a couple of core exercises a day, plus two days of strength training a week.

thanx for bringing that to my attention. no wonder why introducing it into my schedule as not proven great.

although - i think i might need 2-3 days without to recover.

thanx soooooooooooooo much.

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2/13/13 5:07 A

A couple of thoughts here.

Perhaps look at 72 hours recovery between ST sessios, rather than just 48.

Also, how is your protein intake? High levels of exercise can drive the body's intake of protein high, so you may want to ensure your protein intake is well within Spark's recommended range.


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2/13/13 3:51 A

What is your strength training weekly routine?

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2/13/13 12:39 A

I have introduced myself to strength training several months ago. and since then its been REALLY hard to maintain my strength and stamina. I just need more naps, etc.

so I am thinking for my body, because my body is NOT healthy, I am very much a "WORk in progress (tiny print hehe".

could it be that I have introduced too much strength training too fast and that I just haven't given my body enough time to catch and get stronger?

I am just curious.. its really hard to manage my new strength training with my cardio because most of my cardio is dance related and I can't sacrifice my dance because . . . I am an artist (or at least I'd like think so lol) and I have the heart of a dancer. so I can not sacrifice lots of my cardio, since I'm a bit of a self dance student.

would love some advice, thanx.

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