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1/21/14 5:46 P

If you eat a banana at 3:30 pm, it does not have fewer calories than it would if you ate it at 10 pm. There is no book you have to read to figure out the correct formula for losing weight. IF may work for some people, but only if they consume fewer calories than they burn.

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1/21/14 4:58 P

Or eat more when you do eat.

1/20/14 5:24 P

Dear BERRY 4-
It sounds like you are experiencing hunger because you are not eating enough food.
When one is hungry; it is much easier to grab whatever is available ---which is not usually the planned, healthier choice. This can also bring about a binge type eating episode, where a larger amount of food/calories is consumed in a short period of time.

I suggest that you structure more meals and snacks into your eating plan. Do not go such a long period without food.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

1/20/14 5:20 P

It is important to get those healthy bugs (probiotics) in your system.
However, there is "no" research showing that the wrong types of bacteria in the intestines brings about food cravings. That is inaccurate information.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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1/20/14 3:27 P

When you're in NCBI and looking at the title of a study, you can click on it and see the abstract. Sometimes, there will be a note right there that says 'Free Article.' When you click on the title to see the abstract, you will see the abstract and in the upper right hand corner, there is an icon (usually) for the journal that contains the article and abstract. If you click on that icon, it takes you right to the journal page where they will either sell it to you (download the PDF) or maybe it will be free. You just have to keep clicking when it is free to get to the complete text. Which you can download or just read. All the journals (and there are many) look different but the setup for downloading the PDF is basically the same - you just have to look at what they tell you do.

Good luck. By the way, once you're in the journal, you can search a topic and get all the articles they have - about 'intermittent fasting,' for example. Some of those may be free for you to download (they will be marked 'free').

Then again, there are journals that, if the article isn't marked 'free,' stop you pretty quickly by giving you a kind of login screen just for subscribers. Depends. I always click on the journal icon, even if it's not a 'free' study article. Sometimes it IS free anyway.

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1/20/14 3:12 P

For what it's worth, a cup of tea helps me when I want to snack.

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1/20/14 2:25 P

Still exploring how this works for me. The main problem I'm dealing with is intense cravings--to the point that my brain is no longer able to choose wisely.

Someone pointed out on Sat. that I needed to eliminate all things WHITE (specifically flour & sugar). She said it should change my gut flora, because right now, the "bad" bacteria sets the cravings in motion to eat the JUNK that feeds them.

So, today is Day #1.
(I usually make it until 3-5 pm and then fall apart.) Need to do differently. I recognize that cravings are NOT in fact a "gun to my head" demanding a certain action (even though it FEELS like that!).

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1/20/14 1:44 P

Thank you Algebra Girl for the links. Is there a way to get the full articles for free, or are just the abstracts free?

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
1/20/14 1:25 P

There are good health benefits, but you can see whether they apply to you or worked for you only by seeing and talking to your doctor about intermittent fasting.
obese women
with liquid meals
postmenopausal women
long term intermittent (every other day feeding) leads to glucose intolerance
comparison of intermittent vs usual calorie restriction

And so on...
I collect studies in folders on NCBI (it's free, hey!) and I've been following IF since I first heard about it and tried it. I did have very good lab results that year, as I recall, but who knows why.

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1/20/14 1:04 P

14 days of no eating after 430 pm. Can't say it has helped with weight loss yet, but I am sticking to it. Hoping it will kick in soon.

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1/13/14 12:02 P

7 days down of my own 30 day challenge. Hasn't been difficult so far. I actually kind of like it.

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1/7/14 1:51 P

Another aspect to the reluctance from some people about fasting is that they associate it to *prolonged* fasting. In the modern sense (in most cases), "fasting" simply means several more hours than you'd typically go between meals. Maybe a day, at most. Some people do utilize it for a couple of days, but even then (from what I've read, at least) it's not complete lack of any intake - they may eat a few bites of fruit or veggies, maybe a palmful of nuts. Nothing you could imagine being a meal, but not total abstinence from any sort of food, anyway.

I agree with a previous poster about eating a big meal at breakfast. When I do that, I'm always hungry, or at least looking for food, for the rest of the day.
I suppose it's another aspect of finding what works for each of us.

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1/7/14 11:16 A

Thanks for the info. People have been fasting for a very long time, some for religious reasons.
I myself believe that you shouldn't make yourself eat when you aren't hungry, like in the morning everyone preaches that you need a big breakfast in order to not eat a lot the rest of the day. I think it's the opposite, a big meal right in the beginning of the day sets you up to continue eating big meals the rest of the day.
What keeps me going on a fast day is just thinking about what I can eat the next, like some good chocolate. Also drinking enough water and having some nice warm herbal teas help with the hunger.

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1/7/14 12:27 A

I am certain you know much more about this than I! But here is the stuff I as a layperson have been reading out of interest and was referring to in case you are interested.

There are a number of studies I've seen about IF of different sorts, and decreases in certain diseases where those diseases are attributable in part to inflammation. Rather than cite them all, here is a page that cites directly to some of the studies.
-healthy/ (I know nothing about that particular website, it just had a number of the studies in one place). Now granted those don't conclude directly that the IF reduces inflammation.

But the Salk Institute one that caught my particular attention - and relates to the 16 hour/ 8 hour fast/feed cycle - does talk specifically about a reduction in inflammation.
ve/pii/S1550413112001891 . Here is an article about it.
05/120517131703.htm It is an animal study, but because I struggle with inflammation, I thought, why not try it. It is also a really striking result. Basically, the 2 groups of mice ate the same calories, but one group ate the calories over prolonged periods, and the other only during 8 hours. All kinds of bad things happened to the prolonged time period group including weight gain; the other group -- which had the exact same caloric intake - lost weight and had other health markers improve. Wild.
I have experimented with it before, and I didn't find that it made me terribly hungry. The first evening on it was not entirely pleasurable, but after that it wasn't an issue. What is an issue is that other people are not on that same schedule, so it is socially difficult.

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1/6/14 11:50 P

I've read the book "the fast diet" by Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer.
Here's a website:

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
1/6/14 8:18 P

I've changed my habits to eating ONLY when I'm really hungry... not by the clock, and not by appetite (which is different from real hunger). This works out to actually BE intermittent fasting, since some days I'll go most of the day without eating. I get plenty to eat, and I'm not hungry unless I do some foolishness that starts me craving things. Again, that's not "hunger." It's appetite.

This approach works for me. I've heard of some good results from others doing it.
I can't say if it's "good" or "bad" in general. My experience has been good.

1/6/14 7:49 P

I am not aware of any research showing a weight loss or inflammation benefit to not eating after 4:30 pm.

My main concern would be that you may find yourself waking in the middle of the night, hungry, unable to return to sleep, becoming sleep deprived, and having an increase in hunger levels which could lead to an increase in calorie intake and weight gain. "If" you find this occurring---please return to 3 meals and 1-2 planned snacks daily with eating occurring slightly longer in your day.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

LOVINGLIFE45 Posts: 209
1/6/14 5:16 P

I don't eat after 9:00 pm until 6:00am but I am sleeping by 10:00[pm. I never considered this a fast though. I just wont eat atleast an hour before bedtime because I've found that I sleep better this way.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
1/6/14 2:45 P

I never considered it a fast, but after dinner in the evening if I don't feel somewhat hungry, I don't eat anything.

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1/6/14 2:14 P

I tried this way of eating last spring and lost some inches before my trip last May. I cont. with IF through summer then fell off track in the fall when my daughter had her surgery around Halloween. Now, it's the new year and I will get back on track with counting cals and doing a 2 day fast on tues and thurs. this time I'll be weighing myself instead of just measuring. It really works, as I have dropped a dress size on it.
I usually just have coffee all morning then will eat a snack at 1pm then dinner at 6pm. I won't eat till the next morning and I usually I'm not ravenous. Also, I notice my knees don't hurt on the stairs after a couple weeks on it!
Good luck!

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1/6/14 2:06 P

I tried it for a few weeks. Well, the version I tried was to fast all day (basically have only broth and some veggies, keeping calories under 500) for two days a week and eat normally the other days a week. I have a coworker that raves about it. However. I am not a person that can ignore hunger pains or stay on a consistent running and weight training schedule with no food in my body for a long period of time. I was intensely irritable and snapping at my family. The smell of food would drive me bonkers. I had no energy for my workouts and couldn't concentrate at work because I was so preoccupied with how hungry I was. So I stopped. It just wasn't worth it. It sounds like the program you want to do is different than that, basically you stop eating after 4:30 pm. I couldn't do it because I can't stand going to bed hungry. I wouldn't be able to get to sleep and I would be cranky. You can try it for a week and see if you like it, I suppose. You may be comfortable with such a plan. I have heard good things about it too. Good luck.

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1/6/14 1:05 P

Anyone out there doing an intermittent daily fast - meaning, not eating after a certain hour? After reading interesting articles about how it may lower inflammation to eat fewer hours out of the day, and after experimenting a little, I am committing to doing it for 30 days and seeing how I feel. (For me, the "it" will be eating between the hours of 7:30 am-4:30 pm). The calories are the same - you just eat in a more condensed time frame.
If anyone else has tried it, would love to hear your experience.

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