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ETHELMERZ SparkPoints: (106,369)
Fitness Minutes: (88,920)
Posts: 5,606
6/28/13 11:50 P

You would be the first person I ever knew who did it for any length of time.

HAPPYJAY SparkPoints: (17,353)
Fitness Minutes: (15,546)
Posts: 307
6/28/13 8:54 P


HAPPYTUHA SparkPoints: (16,372)
Fitness Minutes: (14,455)
Posts: 415
6/28/13 8:51 P

Do u recommended ?!

MLAN613 SparkPoints: (180,760)
Fitness Minutes: (171,369)
Posts: 11,588
6/28/13 8:23 P

I love Insanity! Yes, it's a tough workout. I did a 6 week class earlier this week and some of the group fitness classes I take incorporate Insanity. And if you have limitations for whatever reason, there should always be a low impact alternative.

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 1,754
6/28/13 1:52 P

I am currently doing Insanity and am on month 2, finishing week 2. To be honest, it is hard, very hard but it feels so good to finish the workout; the sense of accomplishment is great. The good thing about Insanity is that Shaun T always reminds you that you don't have to do it his pace because you can build up to it. The moves are definitely not the regular simple gym interval workouts but you can do it - if i can do it, everyone can.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (263,114)
Fitness Minutes: (221,920)
Posts: 7,938
6/25/13 12:38 A

Online Now  • ))
I absolutely love it!!!!

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (81,527)
Fitness Minutes: (71,882)
Posts: 3,510
6/24/13 4:57 P

There's an Spark Insanity team you could join to discuss this workout with others who are doing it.

STEPHY-FIT Posts: 21
6/24/13 4:35 P

i just finished the fit test and it was tough but i can't wait for tomorrow

TRACYLYNN853 Posts: 490
2/7/13 8:50 A

Never tried it. How is it?

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (102,980)
Fitness Minutes: (78,100)
Posts: 2,953
2/7/13 8:26 A

Nope but I am interested in hearing what you think of it.

GHMS44 SparkPoints: (1,138)
Fitness Minutes: (1,014)
Posts: 4
2/7/13 2:10 A

is anyone here doing or have done the insanity workout with shaun t??? im bout to start n wud like to meet ppl to help support me cuz i hear its extremely hard

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