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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,615
6/29/13 11:05 P

it is normal to see a water gain when you start a strength program, how much? That will differ for each person.


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6/29/13 10:28 P

Happens to me too. But my clothes fit better, so I use that as my guide and stay off the scale.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
6/29/13 7:56 P

haven't seemed to notice that with my body and I lift weights 3 days a week.

FLUFFYBUNNY81 SparkPoints: (3,652)
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6/29/13 7:43 P

Happens to me! Seems if I wait for a week the weight comes off....

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BED0FR0SES Posts: 419
6/29/13 11:25 A

Thank you, that makes me feel better! :)

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KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (30,454)
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6/29/13 11:09 A

Definitely! Your body is retaining some water for your muscle as you're "shocking" them with a new routine or heavier weights. Here is an article by Beachbody coach and Fitness Instructor Chalene Johnson. I've done the program CLX that she talks about, and for sure noticed it there.

Good for you for keeping an upbeat attitude about it and going to stick with it!!!

BED0FR0SES Posts: 419
6/29/13 10:52 A

hey sparkfriends!

I've heard its normal to initially show a gain in weight after ramping up strength training...anyone else experience this?

I had only been doing strength training [of any kind] once a week, and only with 3-5 lb lbs up until about 2 weeks ago, and now I'm doing body resistance training or weight training [15-30 lbs] 2-3 times a week.

Another important change to note: around the same time, I discovered that my spark goal was set to 2012, so regardless of how many calories i would burn, sparkpeople had me set to the lowest safest calorie I fixed my 'goal date' to be realistic, and now my new calorie range is 300 higher than my old one.

So basically, in the past 3 weeks I've been eating more (but only healthy food, and only because of my improved calorie range) and doing more strength training. I have gained 5 lbs in those weeks, and haven't lost any inches.

Obviously I will keep weight training regardless of the scale, I just would feel better about the increase in number if I heard from others that soon the inches will be decreasing...

You've got to change this world.

Start: 209 lbs, 41" waist, 47" hips

Currently: 158lbs, 32" waist, 40" hips
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