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10/30/13 11:01 A

That is a good way to look at it, if I can have it at home, or buy it at a store, then I do not have to have it at a gathering, and I do love coffee.
Bringing a veggie tray just might be a great idea also.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
10/29/13 5:23 P

My take on any sort of potluck or party is only to "indulge" if there's something special. Merriam-Webster's definition of indulge is:

to allow (yourself) to have or do something as a special pleasure

If the food is packaged grocery store stuff that I could eat any old day (but don't because it's not healthy or worth the calories), then that's not indulging. That's not a special pleasure. When there are chips and packaged cookies, I just grab a cup of coffee or water and my indulgence is spending extra time chatting to people instead of going home to clean or work. If I'm going to indulge in food, it has to be a fabulous home-made specialty that I know I could never duplicate myself, or maybe a commercial product that's new or seasonal. (Especially where I live now, because I'm so far from a store that I can't really get holiday treats unless I plan a month ahead. If someone offers me candy corn next week, I'll indulge!)

I used to think you had to "indulge" to be social even if the food wasn't special/good, but I've discovered that you really don't. If you have a cup in your hand (even if it's empty!) people rarely say a word about food. If they do say, "Oh, aren't you going to have some ____ ?", all you have to say is, "I have lunch waiting for me at home." If they're the one who made the ___, then you say, "Oh, it looks delicious, but I have lunch waiting for me at home." If there's some reason "lunch at home" won't work, you can say, "It looks fabulous, but I'm in training." That INSTANTLY changes the subject, either to races and events or to something completely unrelated because nobody really knows what "in training" means.

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10/29/13 4:59 P

SANDRASHINES: I have a different point of view about eating at a pot luck or church type buffet. Unless the meal is a triggering device to cause someone to binge eat, I personally advocate just to enjoy eating and track the calories when a person gets home. In theory, the common number given for one pound is 3500 calories. So if a person ate, for example, 875 extra calories for the day, because of the church's pot luck meal, that is 1/4th of a pound. For me, losing 1/4th of a pound is easy in the next couple of days. So, again, just my view on attending an event with a meal like that (also graduation, birthday, wedding, etc. meals): show some moderation, of course, but, overall, enjoy the food. Just eat those kind of meals occasionally and not on a regular basis.

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10/29/13 7:43 A

IMO, these types of occasions are used to promote fellowship. So the point isn't so much to eat, as it is to spend time with the other congregants. The food is the "draw", to get people to come and stick around for a while. Sort of like the company Christmas party as well. Yes there's some great food. But it's more an opportunity to socialize with co-workers outside the normal day-to-day business interactions. The food is secondary.

So with that attitude, I get a cup of coffee or large glass of water, and busy myself with the fellowshipping/ socializing. I may browse the food and pick something really special to sample. But I don't waste calories on a lot of stuff I could get any old day-- like a doughnut or M & M's or whatever. If it's a potluck type thing, I always bring a veggie tray. Then I know for sure that there's something I can eat.

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10/28/13 11:16 A

For me, it is easier to eat nothing than to eat a little. So I just look, take a cup of coffee and enjoy the smells. When I do that, and pay more attention to the fellowship part, it helps.

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10/27/13 10:10 P

My husband is a pastor, and oh my WORD we have the best foods at our fellowships. It is HARD to resist. I feel your pain.

10/27/13 8:30 P

The only fruit they had was grapes, but I never really liked grapes. I have to make myself eat grapes when I do eat them, so they were not appealing to me, especially compared to what they were next to.

10/27/13 6:44 P

Any veggie or fruit tray available?

You are correct--these high calorie/high fat appetizers are "killers"


10/27/13 5:56 P

Definitely a wake up call... next time I will maybe track before I eat to decide if I really want something.

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10/27/13 5:53 P

and have you noticed they always have the best indulgences at church teas etc? Though I'd hate to miss out on the fellowship, this does add an extra temptation, doesn't it?

A wake-up call for you to realize how easily the calories etc. add up though.

10/27/13 1:46 P

My church had refreshments today, I had 'a taste' of some things, ( half a donut, a couple nachos, 1 piece of swiss cheese, and 2 crackers) I thought I was ok because I had a third of what I usually would have. I came home and tracked it, it came to 619 calories, 59 carbs and 36 grams of fat! wow! so next time I will pick only ONE thing.
I don't believe in deprivation, but indulging on everything I want can't be good either. Even if the indulging is less than what it would have been 2 months ago, it is still indulging, and indulging is what got me here in the first place.

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