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Don't wash cast iron with soap. Just use warm water and a brush immediately after use. If you do wash it with soap you need to pat it dry and rub it with cooking oil and heat it for the oils to absorb.

This link is for caring for a skillet, but it will be the same for your grill plate.

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Sounds very similar to the GF grill. I like to marinade my chicken or other meat for 30 minutes to overnight. Then when I get home I heat up the grill and go for it. I cook the meats at their usual temp for baking (350 for chicken, etc). But usually only need a fraction of the usual time. Look up the grill model on the 'net. You should be able to find the model name on the bottom of it on a tag or something. You can usually find the manuals online and they will generally contain basic information about how to cook various things.


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Here's what I know about mine: Its large, like the size of a mini camping grill or the presto griddles. It has a nonstick cast-iron grill plate with a drip tray underneath. Theirs an adjustable thermostat, pilot light so I know when its on, and the handles are cool-touch. I actually got it in a Facebook for sale group for $10.00, it goes for a little over $72.00 on eBay and I had been looking for one but noticed they were expensive for a brand new one. The person had used it once and I guess it wasn't for them and up for sale it went. I haven't used it yet so I will see how it works when I try it. Any advice on how to care for cast iron cooking materials would be great. I really don't have any experience in that.

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I just dusted off my indoor grill a couple of weeks ago and have been using it a lot. I cook meat and also to make quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, french toast and paninis

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What kind of indoor grill is it? We have a George Foreman indoor grill and I use it to cook *everything* just about. It cuts the cook time down tremendously. I can cook a chicken breast in about 7 minutes. Burger patties are about 5. In a pinch I'll throw the pork tenderloin on their as well. I particularly like the burger patties because it encourages us to make all our burgers at home where we control the contents. We make all kinds of wild ones-chicken, turkey, or beef-with different contents or flavors.


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1/15/14 7:24 A

I just got both of these recently and am trying to figure out what I can use them for. The food scale is obvious and learning how to measure flour by weight for a measurement would be a goal, but I have no idea how that works. Other than that I find it helpful for weighing foods like pasta, grapes, and meats that can be awkward to tell what a serving size is by just the package.
As far as the grill, I have heard a lot of good about these and had heard uses for them before. I know their popular with friends for cooking veggies, and meats but beyond that I really don't know what I can use it for or how to use it just yet.
The last thing is the mixer. About all I know is that its a red artisan series with the basic attachments that come with it. I know these things are famous for being able to do everything and I saw on their Facebook page how the mixer can shred chicken. Shock to me and I still haven't messed with it to much other than to make banana bread. I know their are attachments galore out there, but what would equal making a healthier option I have no idea. I am thinking about getting one to make pasta which I love and finding a healthy DIY option. Any help would be appreciated

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