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DEATHLILLY11 SparkPoints: (4,054)
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2/14/14 5:23 P

maybe watch some cardio videos to get ideas and choose some of your favourite moves then put on some loud music and try do as many reps as you can as fast as you can. I like to blast my favourite songs while doing jumping jacks and high knees, you can even add squats and lunges into it to build up your strength for running. When the weather does get better try the NHS couch to 5k program, it teaches you to run a little at a time to build up your endurance slowly and without injuring yourself. hope this helps emoticon

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/14/14 3:02 P

me personal I would invest in some stretch bands as they make a good workout. sparks has some videos to use to give you some ideas. strength training is important.

LARISSA_NY Posts: 200
2/14/14 7:25 A

Kettlebells! They're great fun. Just (a) make sure the pets are shut out of the room, and (b) take a couple of lessons with a certified instructor to make sure you have the moves down. Don't do the Bob Harper videos. I love him but he is not a kettlebell guy.

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,164)
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2/13/14 9:03 A

I would definitely check out Spark Videos or even body weight workouts on Pinterest. If you only have hand weights, go out and get yourself a set of resistance bands because those can give you a GREAT workout and they're not insanely expensive either.

KENTUCKYMEL14 SparkPoints: (40,797)
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2/13/14 12:43 A

There is a lot more to running than just the going outside and repeatedly putting one foot in front of the other. True runners incorporate many exercises to improve their running. The biggest thing is endurance. Your legs are stronger than you may think but your endurance will most likely be what gives out first. My recommendations are to keep doing dance videos such as Zumba, which you can find on youtube, or any other exercise you can find that is specifically targeted at endurance/cardio. Also, see if you can find some strength exercises you can do with your legs. SparkPeople has some good articles on runners and cross training. I know you're not a runner now but that doesn't mean you can't do certain things to prepare yourself mentally and physically when you start. I've only been a runner for a little over a month so I'm learning myself.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,289)
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2/12/14 6:18 P

Are you strength training? SP has some great fitness resources, including a workout generator, and tons of videos that don't need equipment. Body weight exercises are effective and free!

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NICOLES0305 Posts: 511
2/12/14 4:20 P

So I've been doing lots of Just Dance lately, but am getting a little bored with it. I did some Wii Tennis today, but would love to find something to do inside that does not involve a video or video game. I'm ready to push my body a little harder too, so the more intense the better. I do not have any equipment besides some hand weights. I was thinking of trying out running, but I'm not sure how to do that inside without a treadmill, lol.

I can't wait till its warm enough to go outside! Only a little more han a month till spring!

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