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4/21/14 1:46 P

Thanks all for the advice and ideas. I kept it to just mild yoga stretches yesterday and just rested. Today I am much better and going to try a short walk.

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4/21/14 7:15 A

Feeling ill is one way your body is trying to tell you it's time to take a rest day.


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NEWLITTLE1 Posts: 793
4/21/14 6:26 A

I'm also a fan of yoga when I am feeling down or under the weather but if you have a fever or anything it's perfectly OK to skip the work out!

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4/20/14 10:41 A

I like to do very gentle yoga when I feel ill. There are even many poses you can do in bed. But it's also nice to just rest and know that you can get back to it when you are well.

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4/19/14 9:07 P

resting is better than trying to exercise.

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4/19/14 8:47 P

Pilates, Dynamic Stretch, or Hatha Yoga are some good options. I do them when i dont feel well.

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AARDVARK28 SparkPoints: (16,228)
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4/19/14 8:32 P

I am looking for ideas for days I amfeeling not so well.

I am Turtle, hear me squeep!
Ms Abilities Nez Perce 2014-2015
I choose to be as I am.
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