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BIERMA Posts: 836
4/21/13 3:27 P

Good news!!! Today is a NEW day. Forgive yourself and start fresh today. Show yourself a little grace and patience. We are in a marathon to good health emoticon "Slow but steady wins the race"! From a fellow tortoise emoticon

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,201
4/19/13 8:59 A

There are times I overdo it, all on my own-- and other times stuff comes up at work or whatever and I end up overdoing it without particularly intending to.

And the advice you've gotten so far is right on-- take some time off. I like to use some of that "rest time" in a way that still feels like I'm doing something constructive toward my healthy lifestyle-- like entering a couple of my recipes into the recipe calculator here on Spark. Or making over an old, not so healthy recipe. Or meal planning or going through a couple of the fitness magazines that have piled up around here because I'm too busy to read them. Or reading some articles here on Spark about healthy choices. You get the idea. I'm resting but I'm still doing something that contributes to this lifestyle change.

And if I feel up to it, a nice little walk around the block. And if not, a nap. : )

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4/19/13 8:19 A


It takes time, but you have to learn that you don't have to kill yourself to be healthy. Taking day's off and letting your body rest IS a part of a healthy lifestyle. While it's true that being sedentary can shorten our lives, but that doesn't mean you have to be constantly moving to be healthy. All things in moderation and that includes exercise. The right amount of exercise will keep our bodies fit and strong. Too much can break down our bodies and weaken our immune systems.

If you did a lot of work yesterday, take today off to let your body rest. no one will think less of you. You'll feel much more energized once your body has recovered. If you try to workout now (just to stay busy), you risk making those aches and pains worse.

Take a day or two off. As your energy starts to return and the aches/pains decrease, then you can slowly ease back into a routine. If you exercise 5 out of 7 days this week, you're still doing better than the average American.

Don't worry ! take it easy !

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4/18/13 11:37 P

There are LOTS of US out there - (yes, me included!) I mostly pace myself, and generally keep an eye on the clock and then give myself a break. I GENERALLY listen to my body and when I first start feeling I'm at my limit, then I stop as soon as possible.

I have the same issue with sleep, too, for a variety of reasons - an the above being just one of them. The only difference is, I don't feel miserable the next day - I realize the "why" and take care of myself.

If you are new to the pacing thing, then keep a diary - what you did, how much you did, what happened re your body, what you did to resolve it, and the result of that. That way you will find a pattern, and find the answer.

Good luck,

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4/18/13 9:42 P

yesterday i felt very energetic so i started painting my outdoor furniture. today my back is hurting and last night i didn't sleep well, so today i feel done in .and i feel miserable because i don't feel like doing anything. i like being busy , i have a hard time just resting. help! i want to learn to pace myself any suggestions, is there anyone out there like me.

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