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5/2/13 4:10 P

If there's one thing I have learned at SPARK is that having a bad day or week or month is not the end! You pick up and head the right direction again when you can. I do feel so much better though when I get back on the plan, so with repetition of this process, my month off turned into just a week off, which turned into just a day or 2!

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5/2/13 10:30 A

emoticon Sometimes when the scale "stalls" I do a few days of increasing calories to "spark" up my metabolism. This seems to work. Good luck. emoticon

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5/25/12 2:19 P

thanks for your words. i know i am not alone in this battle. just sometimes you need a push in the right direction. and having friends like you helps so much... emoticon

5/24/12 11:49 P

Take a week off but be mindful of what you are eating and doing or it could have some very negative results. Take me for a great example of that. I worked from Feb to May on tracking everything I ate and was pleased to have lost 13 pounds. Then I went on vacation and in 2 weeks of very little activity and just eating out and forgetting everything I learned I gained back 6 pounds in those 2 weeks. It was a very humbling experience and now I have to work at relosing the weight. ugh! I have to say I don't think my vacation from reality was worth it.

Please hang in there and keep on sparking. You are worth it and the results will be worthwhile.

Bernie from Durango, CO

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5/24/12 8:22 P

This journey is all about you, you know what you need. An important note it might take the scale a while to go down. In my case it was over a month, I simply made myself a promise that I would eat for health and exercise for results for one year when I began my journey. Before the end of that year I had reached my goal. So don't get hung up on the scale, and do what you are comfortable with. Your actions are more important that the scale reading. I wish you well, on your journey. emoticon

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5/24/12 11:42 A

has anyone gone through this? i just couldn't face another week of exercise, weighing everything and even weighing myself. when the scale doesn't move i get very down. so am i really bad for taking a week off from the diet. not eating junk, just giving myself a break. what does everyone think? i hope i am not the only one who goes through this.

need your help and support

Donna emoticon

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