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2/3/12 8:50 P's only Feb 3rd, right? Did you have big expectations for the first few days of Feb?

Weight loss is not linear. It doesn't happen in even increments. There are pauses and whooshes. At first a big chunk may be lost because it's such a change and a lot of water weight is dropped. But weight loss doesn't continue on at that pace.

Keep doing what you're's working. You just need to be a little patient and give it time to work.

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2/3/12 3:46 P

Well I did a great job of losing weight in my first month too, but then wham I've been hit with a no loss problem as well HOWEVER, I have continued to lose inches - so fear not and stop weighing yourself everyday! Remember a pound of fat is the same as a pound of muscle - they both equal 1 lb! So get that measuring tape out and start measuring yourself and see if that continues to improve? I figured out that while I wasn't losing weight as fast any more I was turning fat into muscle so my weight was staying the same, but I was losing inches, so I'm still happy. I still need/want to lose 10 more lbs, but it may take awhile longer and some harder workouts that get my heart rate up more than I have been. But my figure is changing all the time - so fear not - you shouldn't focus too much on that scale number, but instead on the overall fat loss factor which includes inches, not just "scale number". Good luck

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2/3/12 3:07 P

If you really lost 30 lbs in January, it's quite likely that right now your body is trying to equalize itself. That's a lot of weight to lose in a single month. Whether or not it's healthy, it is going to put a lot of stress on your body to do that.

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2/3/12 2:41 P

A sudden inexplicable cessation of weight loss is impossible to diagnose without a LOT more information.

So ... really, how DID you lose 30 pounds in January? What do you weigh now?

Without knowing what pattern of eating and exercise you've been doing and what your current and goal weights are, we can't really offer any reasons why you've suddenly stopped.

You didn't do any kind of master cleanse or anything did you?

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2/3/12 2:39 P

it's only the 3rd....and like the other person asked how did you loose 30 pounds in a month and is that healthy???? are you in starvation mode????

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2/3/12 2:35 P

How did you lose 30lbs in one month??

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2/3/12 2:27 P

i haven't changed anything. still same foods, excercise all i did before but i an not moving the scale and i don't know why.

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