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PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
6/10/13 11:23 A

Seems as if this eating small meals during the day is helpful and can be a benefit...however, not always possible when someone works in an office!

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 875
6/10/13 9:16 A

I know that you didn't ask this, but have you looked into Paleo/Primal/Ancestral/etc ways of eating? I had/have horrible Acid Refulx and GERD, but since I started following those philosphies and gave up grains, I haven't had to take any of my medications in over 6 weeks, I am seriously a new woman. In the book Practical Paleo, there is a whole section on this which I found extremely helpful. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

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NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
6/10/13 8:19 A

I second CMCOLE's suggestion to enter your food for the next day, the night before. I do this and it is a huge help in making sure I don't go over - and it's easier to go over the more meals you have! 7 meals is 7 opportunities to go over, so pre-tracking is a life saver.

My husband has GERD and we are managing it with diet and posture for now, but it is rough. Hugs to you!

MISSA526 Posts: 1,107
6/10/13 7:15 A

Thanks! I appreciate your insight! emoticon

It is what it is, or is it?

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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/7/13 8:48 A

I have two suggestions (other than paper & pencil, which I think is great, btw)

- plan ahead and enter your food in the tracker all at once
- if you have the ability, either access SP site on a computer on the go (or smart phone with a browser, if you have that technology

the only reason I don't suggest the SP App is that it costs money, and not everyone is willing to pay.

ANGIEN9 Posts: 2,698
6/7/13 8:45 A

I also have GERD, but it is getting better with my weight loss and eating 6 meals a day really helps! I try not to eat a big meal and not to eat right before bedtime. (That is a challenge for me!) Do you take any medication for your GERD?? I have taken lots, but am now on Famotidine...prescription Pepcid. It works good for me. But not as strong of a medication as I used to have to take. That's a good thing.

Good idea about using a exercise and food diary. It will help you get everything into the computer when you have time.

Have a great day!

~~Angie ~~
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MISSA526 Posts: 1,107
6/7/13 7:32 A

I have GERD pretty bad and If I eat a normal size meal I get horrible acid reflux. Also I cant always get online to enter my food. It's very frustrating. I think I'm going to start using an exercise and food diary (paper) so I can enter in what I eat when I can. emoticon

It is what it is, or is it?

Tough times don't last, TOUGH PEOPLE DO.

The word impossible is not in my dictionary.

Be curious about what life will bring
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