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i have my will power bac

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11/12/12 7:41 P

Read "THE SUGAR FIX" by Richard Johnson M.D. and watch his lecture on youtube as he tells about Metabolic Syndrome/insulin resistance.
He is a Professor at the medical school in colorado and he does kidney transplants.

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11/11/12 9:41 P

I send you all sorts of good wishes.. I know you can do this.. just take it bit by bit.. it's overwhelming to try to make too many changes all at once.. concentrate of healthy substitutions for unhealthy habits... I found tea with lemon was a good start to leaving sodas behind.. and I started out walking just ten minutes at a time.

So far, since January, I have lost 77 pounds.. and I'm 62 years old... so if I can do it, think how well you can do it at just over half my age! And I know you are a busy woman, but so am I.... I work full time as a high school teacher plus part time teaching at a college.. and lots of volunteer work...

Make yourself a priority. It sounds like you have a loving supportive husband.. let him help, reach out to those of us on Spark People...

I will look forward to hearing from you... I truly believe you can do this... blessings and best wishes.


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11/10/12 5:19 P

I have been fighting my weight for 18yrs and i go down i go up and i get to the point that i didn't care anymore but i have gotten to the point i can't live like these way anymore and this isn't the highest i have been with my weight but i have to do this for me i have to cut out soda mt dew is my choice then on top of that candy i pay to go to the gym but i dont go i don't know why i don't go but i don't at first i was going 2 or 3 times a week then i went to 1 time a week i love to walk but i don't do that anymore i don't know what is up but i looked at myself and i have to firm my body up my husband tries to help but it makes me feel like hes not happy with me but he loves me and no matter how big i got he only wanted me to happy about myself he never called me fat or ugly i'm getting to the point im scared its going to be hard i'm 36 yrs old and i know it gets harder to lose the weight i don't have people have the time to sit and talk or walk with my husband walk with me but he works on his feet all today and then his backs hurt so we stop walking the dogs we go for 10 mins and we come back not much of a work out i do have a new goal and that is to start back at the gym starting monday i have to go and i can't let myself down

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