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I don't think you can use the recipe calculator on the website on the iphone app, nor create new groupings.

So for things you cook yourself at home and want to quickly add in one go and have SP do the calculations. You're pretty much stuck with the good old browser, not the app.

Once they're created... You can add them via the app. But not create.

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1/12/12 5:13 P

i just started this website this week and i am sooo excited! i downloaded the app on my phone, but find that when i search for something there is already a set amount provided for you (ie: 1 oz, one serving, etc) now i know i can put as many servings or oz as i wish, but what if i just have 4 pretzels for instance? or if i make something at home, how do i calculate all the ingredients if i give myself a cup? there has to be a trick!!

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