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7/9/13 10:29 P

I used to have a different profile but I deleted it because I got rid of my old email, I used to track my food and was eating a lot better and just fell out of due to falling on hard times ( like ramen noodle hard times lol) right now I feel accomplished to get my house cleaned and laundry done, I don't have anytime for walks and its just to hot to get my youngest out. I am using pinterest for healthy food ideas and such. ugh sometimes I feel like its never going to happen, I keep trying tho. I try to teach my kids the best I can. only 1 lives with me full time so my 2 oldest get to eat whatever they want at their dad and grandparents and there is no point telling them not to feed them that junk because they will despite me (not a civil situation at all, at least they aren't anyways) I am doing my best with them and they know what is healthy and what isn't. I guess you can say that stress is a huge factor in why I have some problems with my weight. im gonna try to add more fruit and veggies, and try my best to find better deals on produce.

GIRLONFIRE1982 Posts: 15
7/9/13 10:15 P

thanks for the tip on blanching, I had completely forgot about that lol. my grandmother canned everything from her garden and I used to help so im surprised I forgot that lol. we are a family of 5 for the most part so that's why I spend so much and I have to have enough to make my husband a good lunch to take to work since he can't leave work to grab anything (doesn't need to anyways lol). I may try the farmers market we have on Saturdays here and see if the prices are lower.

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7/8/13 6:21 P

"DOING" things and Accomplishing small goals are Very Powerful!! Often times, as you feel the success of just a few things the momentum builds.... Even without changing your diet yet, you can start 10 min walks several times a day, drink eight glasses of water, and learn to Track your foods and plan your menus.....!! You are trying to change habits of a lifetime to Healthy Habits for the Rest of your Life! You have three children to teach a better way to---that alone is a great motivator!! If they are old enough, get them involved in learning and doing these changes with you..... Above all, don't think that what you need is a "Diet"--focus on a Healthy Life!!

Are you using the Nutrition Tracker yet?? If not, I'd suggest you start entering your favorite foods over 2 -3 weeks, and track as much as you can every day. It literally took me several weeks to get "into" that...but now I LOVE it. You can enter foods ahead of time and then adjust your portions to fit your Carb/Fat/Protein needs. It is really educational and motivating to see what You CAN control!!! can start seeing how changing your diet in the ways others have suggested will help you. Check out new recipes that add in the canned veggies you're not so fond of...(eg: tacos with canned corn added..."salads" that have green peas...sugar-free lemon jello with carrots and pineapple...cabbage /apple salad...) more frozen veggies (most go on sale for about $1.00 each month!!)...and get over to that Farmers' Market --great outing with the kids--let them choose!--

At some point you WILL have to address cutting back on your beloved breads...but until then, be sure to get the very best bread you can afford---or make your own! Whole Grains and Nuts added are really quite healthful.... Those are the kind of carbs/fats you want to be including when you indulge in your bread!! Make ALL your calories count for good nutrition, and you will also find you are satisfied with smaller it is much easier to have a little less.

Keep reading articles on Spark, and searching the Message Boards for topics you want to learn. There are many threads with information on quality eating on a really tight budget....You Are Not Alone in your quest.....and YOU CAN DO THIS!! emoticon

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WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/8/13 3:41 P

My husband and I spend about $45 on fresh fruits and vegetables a week and that lasts us at least the week. At the end of the week, I'm trying to use up the last of them before they go bad so I'm surprised that you're spending so much for 2 days.

Buy in season and they don't have to be organic, however most of mine are organic even at that price.

If you want to freeze fresh vegetables, you actually have to blanch them first to prevent the squishy mess. You could also look into canning your own fruit and vegetables to make it healthier, but for the most part, canned fruit is fine so long as you look for fruit packed in juice rather than syrup. I don't drink the juice, just eat the fruit.

I don't like canned vegetables other than canned corn and beans. I do buy frozen green beans and frozen corn and they cook up fine, but like you I absolutely prefer fresh produce.

I don't like eating frozen fruits, but I do buy them and use them in my morning smoothie.

GIRLONFIRE1982 Posts: 15
7/8/13 3:20 P

we have a farmers market thing one day a week here. ive never been so I don't know the prices. I have a friend who actually is celiac and she lost some. gluten can affect joints, before my friend got diagnosed with celiac they told her she had fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. idk if I could give up bread tho...its a serious love/hate relationship. im almost addicted to breads lol. I have some frozen green beans, they were garden fresh and when I got some out to steam they just turned to gross squishiness. I tried using frozen fruits but they turned to mush when thawed :( I cant stand canned fruits and veggies, they are horrible and not as healthy as people believe.

7/7/13 9:53 P

A friend of mine thought he had a serious case of arthritis..all his joints hurt, and then he went gluten free (at least 95% of the time..he's not celiac) and he said it made a huge huge difference. Don't know whether there are any studies on this but it seems worth a try.

Do you have a farmer's market in your area? I think they are cheaper for the fruits and veggies. Also, frozen is supposed to be nearly as good as fresh and a lot better than canned. Usually you can get frozen cheaper.

GIRLONFIRE1982 Posts: 15
7/7/13 9:12 P

I have tried but I guess I need to try again. i think money is the main problem at the moment :( summer brings higher bills. I've tried just getting the regular grocery store variety of fruits and veggies and the organic ones at the health food store, such a price difference. i know a lot of my problem is im a breadaholic, i love carbs way to much. im wondering if that is what is causing my body to hurt, especially my joint pain. i guess if i move more it should help alleviate the pain.

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7/7/13 8:47 P

I'm just lacking motivation! I know what I need to know, I know I need to motivate myself and not depend on anyone motivating me.....

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7/7/13 6:56 P

Hello GirlOnFire,

How about going for a whole lifestyle makeover. Food is fuel and the highest quality nutrient rich whole foods will give you energy and you will need less to thrive.
Ditch any and all sodas I love organic coffee and see nothing wrong with caffeine in moderation.
Beans can be an awesome protein as is organic tempeh, edamame and eggs and they will save you money over most any meat. (It is my personal theory that the steroids, antibiotics and hormones added to fatten animals are what fattened me.) Schedule time for walks or some workout and just do it. It will give you energy and is something you could share with your children. Whole unprocessed food is all I eat and I spend half the money for food that my meat eating DBF spends.

GIRLONFIRE1982 Posts: 15
7/7/13 6:27 P

I keep telling myself that I can and will do this and I do...for about a week, then it stops. a lot of it is lack of motivation, energy, patience & money. a family of 5 with only one income, its hard to just buy fruits, veggies, and lean meat. (ex. I spent $75 on food that only lasted 2 days) so I end up buying a lot of bread and lunch meat and it sucks. I just don't know what to do or how. I have stopped drinking soda for the most part. I went 3 months without any, but now I have the occasional root beer or sprite, I make sure to stick to the caffeine free kind. I didn't notice a weight drop at all with that change either. i'm becoming more and more sedentary and it bothers me. it gets to where it hurts to get up and do anything. im only 30 and I weigh 170 something at the moment. before kids I was 120-135, I got down to 140 before having my 3rd child, but I was basically starving myself :( and walking from early morning til around 4 or so (my 2 oldest kids where at their dads, and I was going thru a divorce) I have a lot of stressors these days and I just can't find it in me to take any action to taking care of myself. any ideas on what I should do

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