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1/6/13 11:08 P

I think that STARDUST2K4 (and many others have given great advice here, and so I just want to add that you are worth the effort and patience this takes. Really!

LTULLIS Posts: 27
1/6/13 10:44 P

Take it a day at a time

KARBYN Posts: 35
1/4/13 12:21 P

don't give up!

fall down 6, get up 7

keep at it

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,218
1/4/13 11:57 A

I am a proponent of taking supplements and could not function without mine, but be careful about what you take and how much of them.

For instance with the vitamins - there are two different groups of them and for some of them you can take a fairly large dose without harm and others too much can cause problems. If the vitamins are water soluble (LIKE the B and C vitamins), what you get if you take a LOT more than you need is EXPENSIVE URINE. With fat soluble vitamins (LIKE D and E vitamins), you can end up with serious health issues and toxicity because they do NOT just flush out with the urine.

There are other supplements that interact with prescription meds, some interfere and make the prescriptions less effective and OTHERS increase the potency of the prescriptions. Read and research the things you put in your body.

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1/4/13 11:54 A

Mmmmmm, white mocha...yummy, yummy, yummy.

Don't "diet" because they never work. The only thing they lighten, in the long term, is your wallet. I should know, I've tried them all. Just make one little adjustment at a you're ALREADY DOING IT! Just keep at it and get that cardio going if you haven't already. You're on track! Just hang in there!

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1/4/13 11:39 A

Pippy (several comments below) has a good point about the blood test. Vitamin D3 is a must for a variety of reasons related to heart, brain, and nervous system and we just don't get enough especially in winter. Fatigue and blood test showing low B-12 had my dr. suggest over-the-counter B-12. I worked with several cancer drs & nurses who all had taken B-12 at one time or another for fatigue who assured me that taking a fairly large dose would not hurt. The B-12 boost did help. I ocassionally stop at a "mom & pop" health store (not GNC) where I get a Vit B-12 that is very small and dissolves under tongue. So much better than the funny tasting "horse" pill.
Just never give up on yourself and try to keep your body as healthy as possible for as long as you're going to be using it.

LINWASH23 SparkPoints: (85,531)
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1/4/13 11:39 A

Don't give up. Tell yourself that just for today, I will eat a smaller portion, exercise for 5 minutes and thank God that I am here. Do the same thing tomorrow. Remember you are not along and remember that you are doing this for you. emoticon

NICK3RD Posts: 7,152
1/4/13 9:51 A

Now is the timw to start again

RACEWELLWON Posts: 2,613
1/4/13 9:33 A

Cheer up - we all go through stages like that - you can do it ! Weight Watchers - do you really think they are going to watch YOUR weight ? They will watch your pocket book ! Only you can make this decision - but we are here if you need us

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1/4/13 9:08 A

Can I just say, four weeks without your Starbucks downfall drink?

That just proves to me that you CAN do this. If you can keep to something for four weeks, you have all the willpower you need.

CHB1020 SparkPoints: (1,586)
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1/4/13 6:13 A

I totally agree, I want to give up a lot of the time and I get really frustrated when the scale doesn't budge :( But I really appreciate these comments. I think it's really insightful to look at the quality of your calories. You can eat 1000 calories a day, but if its only donuts and cake and other sugary stuff, you won't lost. I also need to remind myself that I didn't gain this overnight, so I won't lost it overnight... Any tips how to speed that up, though? lol!

LDAVENPOR4 SparkPoints: (29,233)
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1/4/13 5:41 A

Dear AuntMissa,

If you haven't bought The Spark Book yet, well you've gotta do it and start reading. It will help you uncover things about yourself you may have missed. I know it did for me. Just a few short weeks ago I felt much like you. But small and persistent changes are telling me I was wrong. Now, I'm still the slowest loser ever, but I'm losing. My weight stayed the same for weeks. All the while I thought I was really doing everything right and just couldn't lose. After beginning the book, I managed to lose 10 pounds at the rate of 1 or 2 lbs per week. It's not much. But at least the scale moved. You can lose weight and you will. We WILL! Please don't give up!


EREBECCA SparkPoints: (4,541)
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1/4/13 5:09 A

Keep going - small changes count. Even if you don't lose weight, just get to a point where you can feel better about yourself.

BFMONICA Posts: 1,624
1/3/13 11:54 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

NIKONDEMON SparkPoints: (0)
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1/3/13 10:07 P

I agree whole-heartedly with the above comments. On the medical side I'd also ask what medicines are you on if any? Many different meds will "put on the pounds" my dad had the hardest time losing weight because of certain meds, soon as he was off them he lost something close to ten pounds.

Far as the attitude or viewpoint on the self, again I agree completely with the ladies above me. You can do this however until you believe in yourself and block out any negative feelings its going to be hardest. I have my biggest set backs when I catch myself telling myself it doesn't matter if I eat this healthy food instead of the more abundant not so healthy food. Or that it doesn't matter if I workout. We are seriously our own worst enemy. I'm in a similar rut as you currently. I swear I haven't moved from 146 in close to two months. But looks at the good point, you (or I) haven't gained! Maintaining is half the battle once we get to our happy point. So being able to maintain at any point is this journey I'd consider a grand milestone.

LOOKING-4-ME Posts: 270
1/3/13 8:35 P

A doctor would be a great place to start. They can check you for multiple things. You only said that you gave up the mochas. What else are you eating. Go for tracking each day on day at a time. Even if you don't do it every day it will be a start. I have a hard time with tracking too. You need to have things checked like your iron level. thyroid level. Can be different reasons why you aren't losing weight. Take measurements too. You may not always lose weight or even gain weight but may lose inches. A guy at work is taking pictures facing various ways. it is really neat to see the progress they are making. Keep at it and you will get there.

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1/3/13 5:12 P

All the replies here are excellent points and great answers. I do have one thing to add though. When is the last time you had a physical? The reason I ask is....I was in the same boat. I did low carb, exercised, gave up soda. For months, nothing! was so discouraged I finally went to my doc. She ran some blood work to make sure everything was ok. Turns out I had almost no vitamin D in my system. She perscribed a high dose of vitamin D for 10 weeks. Did wonders. I had energy again, lost 15 lbs. and am working towards losing the last 25 now. I still have to work hard at losing weight but atleast now there is progress ( although it is slow). I was just happy to find out that there was a reason my work wasn't working. I just mention it because I never would of thought a vitamin deficency was the problem. Just wanted to share with you. Don't give up :)

NGREGOR SparkPoints: (16,523)
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1/3/13 5:00 P

Hey, you can do this. It's not about eliminating your daily Starbucks drink. Always look for the good in every problem. The problem: you didn't lose wt when you stopped drinking Starbucks. The good: you saved a lot of money and now you can buy a new coffee pot for home.

Just never give up being a healthier you. If you lose a couple of pounds becoming a healthier you, so much the better.

AUNTMISSA Posts: 136
1/3/13 3:30 P

thanks everyone! i feel better!

HEALTHYJEN11 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/3/13 10:30 A

Health is about more than just a number on a scale. Don't give up because you haven't seen the number budge - you may be experience other health benefits from giving up your starbuck drink etc. Keep doing the right things for the right reasons :)

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,636
1/3/13 10:18 A

Change your world - not just your diet! Quit telling yourself you can't, quit thinking the weight is just going to melt off, add little things to your day little by little, take away little things little by little.

This is about forever, not 4 week, not 4 months - FOREVER. I know it's hard. I know results don't come as quickly as you might like - but think about the little victories to keep you going. For me - the more sparkpoints I get, the more weight I seem to lose. Why - because I'm focusing on my healthy, my life, my goals instead of just saying "hey I'm going on a diet." Figure out your little victories and what works for you!

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (107,108)
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1/3/13 10:04 A

Are you tracking your food every day? Are you tracking everything you eat AND drink? Yes it is a tedious chore sometimes to track everything but I find it essential for weight loss.

SNOWJESTER SparkPoints: (29,896)
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1/3/13 8:45 A

The best tool on spark in my opinion is the food tracker. It's easy to use. If you eat pretty much the same thing save them to favorites then just add them to your day. You cut out the mocha which is awesome! But whats your daily calorie intake? Are you eating what spark recommends? You might have to do more than just cutting out a coffee drink. Track your food today and see if you're above your range.

EATNOEVIL SparkPoints: (0)
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1/3/13 2:30 A

Reduce calories, reduce carbs, do some extra cardio, whatever you do, just don't give up!

At the very worst, you'll remain the same weight, but if you just give up, you'll only keep gaining weight. Stick in there!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

REBCCA SparkPoints: (407,872)
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1/2/13 9:30 P

Change your self talk, delete excuses and remember you did not gain the weight overnight and it will take time to lose it and create a lasting healthy lifestyle. The rewards of empowering energy and lessons in patience and perseverance are worth the effort.
Never give up, you are worth having the best quality life.

Go for it!! emoticon

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,218
1/2/13 7:59 P

Giving up something EVEN if it has 500 calories doesn't guarantee anything. Treating yourself with love and gentle kindness, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercise, and taking care of your spiritual and mental health needs will eventually result in the losses you are looking for. Giving up is really not a solution. In my view, we are each on a journey and there is no GIVING UP, FALLING OFF THE WAGON, or any other nonsense. The journey starts with birth and continues until death. It is made up of CHOICES/DECISIONS both healthy and unhealthy ones and each choice/decision has a consequence, some we LIKE (maybe even love) and some we definitely do NOT like. What you do each day, week, moment, year, or even decades or more is what makes you who you are at any given moment. You can GIVE UP making healthy choices - BUT, you can NOT give up making choices/decisions. You can be DUMB like I have been in my life and NOT make healthy choices for 63 years, end up with diabetes, weighing more that DOUBLE what I was the morning when I delivered an almost 10 pound baby boy, and THEN have to face a lot more challenges than whether it was worth it to give up your favorite drink.

Now, having been a bit truthful there, you can ALSO choose not to DEPRIVE yourself. To make healthy choices MOST of the time, and to find a way to include YOUR FAVORITE DRINK in you eating plan once in a while. For instance you could save 100 calories for 5 days and then treat yourself. You could exercise a little more for a week and then on Sunday or whatever day you like, thoroughly enjoy that drink.

You could simply try cutting back on how often you drink that drink - if you are having one every day, switch to every OTHER day, then every third day, or whatever. You can make this work but you need to change your perspective to recognize that whatever your plan, it HAS TO FIT INTO YOUR LIFE - AND NOT LEAVE YOU FEELING DEPRIVED AND FRUSTRATED.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
1/2/13 7:51 P

I'm sorry you're feeling down! The point of long lasting health and weight loss is making changes that you can live with for life. You said you haven't had a white mocha in 4 weeks. That's wonderful! Now that you've made that change, is there something else you think you can add or subtract to your diet? Are you drinking enough water? What about the quality of your calories? Staying within range is great, but if you're doing it by eating processed foods, or sweets, then your body really isn't getting the much needed nutrients. You said you have given up drinking mochas, but are you exercising too? You said that you never last very long with food journals. Maybe you could make that a personal challenge for yourself. Just focus on one day. One day tracking your food, and writing down how you feel.

You can do this! Don't give up! There are other ways to measure progress other than the scale.
I can't afford anything else either. I went to a 'free' weight watcher's meeting, but the first thing they asked when I got there was how I wanted to pay for it...I didn't like their attitude at all, and they were more concerned about pushing product than helping the individual-me. From my understanding, Sparkpeople is pretty much the same support system you'd find on their online support system, and the best part is it's free, so you know that you're not just trying to be sold a bunch of stuff.

Don't give up!

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COTTERR SparkPoints: (11,727)
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1/2/13 7:03 P

Don't waste your money on WW. This is essentially the same thing except you don't have to convert carbs, calories, fat, protein to points and it's free. Tracking food, activity, and weight. Also, you might need to change your mindset...not dieting or depriving yourself, but lifestyle change based on making choices.

AUNTMISSA Posts: 136
1/2/13 7:02 P

whenever i do a ftiness/food journal it never lasts more than a month! im so bad at that!

THEGILLS2006 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/2/13 6:56 P

Don't give up! Just think if what you are doing today is going to get you where you want to be in a year! Do you keep a fitness journal/ food journal?

AUNTMISSA Posts: 136
1/2/13 6:32 P

i just cant loose weight for NOTHING! i have tried everything under the sun and the scale wont budge.All i do is cry. my biggest hurdle was to quit drinking venti white mochas from starbucks(500 cal) and i havent had one in 4 weeks. And the scale??? NOTHING! wth? if i cant even lose weight quitting the worst thing i drink,whats the point of doing anything? the only possibility left is to join weight watchers or something and i absolutly cant afford that i only work p/t or i totally would if i had the money. HELP!!

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