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1/24/13 10:26 A

besides the stuff others mentioned (food you ate) making you hungry... which I agree is the root of your night time cravings... there is a trick to not feeling hungry as you fall asleep;
brush your teeth *right* before bed; it'll give you 30min of not feeling hungry at all ^_^

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1/24/13 9:54 A

No wonder you're hungry! Fruity cereals, white bread, pretzels and cookies will do nothing to keep you full! Please consider using the nutrition database to track your food instead of just putting in the calories for each food. Calories ARE important, but so are knowing how many grams of carbs, fats and protein you're consuming. Your diet looks very unbalanced. Girl, you need some fresh veggies and fruit in your diet! Not to mention lean protein and healthy fats!

Also, I took a peak at your fitness tracked on January 19, I have a feeling the numbers are slightly inflated for cross country hiking and heavy careful of this. This is one reason why people struggle to lose weight. They underestimate how much they eat and overestimate how many calories they burn.

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1/24/13 9:26 A

I looked at your tracker for a few days and your diet seems to consist mainly of ramen noodles, fruity cereal, and white bread. Not healthy. I don't think you're getting enough fiber, which will help you feel full. Where are the fruits and veggies? Switch to whole wheat bread and pasta, trade the fruity cereal for oatmeal, and add some fruits and vegetables to your day. I think that will help. Good luck!

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1/24/13 9:17 A

Your body and mind are not out to get you, no. :)

I took the liberty of looking at your shared trackers (thanks for that! It helps a LOT when answering questions) and I'd say the problem is the food you're eating, not your mind trying to fool you.

If your trackers are accurate, you are seriously undereating on some days, and on the days you're eating more, you're not eating a balanced diet. You're heavy on simply carbs, and you're eating no vegetables at all!

You need more protein, more calories, more fat... more of just about everything. I also notice the entries you're using contain no additional nutrition information. Calories are important, yes, but you need to know how much protein and fat you're getting to ensure you're getting proper nutrition.

Looking at yesterday, you ate barely over 1,000 calories, and none of that was nutritious, healthy food. Adding more fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins like chicken will help balance out your diet and give your body the fuel it needs.

Your stomach is hungry because you're not feeding it enough! Yes, you are starving yourself. At your weight, you need significantly more than 1200 calores at an absolute minimum, and you're eating less than that many days. And from what I see, you're being active... when you're burning that much, you definitely need more fuel than you're giving your body, and the kind of calories you eat are just as important as the number. 200 calories of cookies are not the same as 200 calories of chicken!

Let me use myself as an example. I'm 190 lbs, and right now inactive. I'm eating a minimum of 1500 calories a day, and as much as 1900 on days when I'm active! If I eat less than that, I am absolutely ravenous.

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1/24/13 9:13 A

erm. it doesn't sound like you know what is going on. how can you eat only when you are hungry, but aren't sure if you're hungry or not?
i think eating intuitively is a really great goal to have in the long term, but is an awful idea to start out with. if you're not in the weight range you're supposed to be in, odds are you have trained yourself off of your proper hunger cues. you have to get yourself back in balance before you start to pay attention to the hunger cues so that you're getting actual hunger cues in the amount you need them.

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1/24/13 9:07 A

everyday for the past several days say 5 days now Ive been eating ONLY when Im hungry ( though last nite I ate spaghetti I wasnt hungry for) and the past few nites when I lay down for bed I lay there and am STARVING.. am I REALLY starving or is my mind and body playing tricks to get em to eat extra food?

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