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KOMTRIA Posts: 1,063
3/23/14 2:29 P

Add canned or self prepped dried beans. High protein and high fiber foods. Play with seasonings these really help me.

FAITHP44 Posts: 6,411
3/23/14 1:55 P

I totally agree with what everyone else has put.
Also are you getting enough sleep? I always find that nothing seems to fill me up and satisfy me when I'm tired - as if I'm trying to get the energy that I didn't replenish with sleep from extra food.

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
3/23/14 10:29 A

I agree that what you are eating, as well as how many calories, makes a big difference. Too few calories, or food that isn't that healthy can lead to hunger. We need protein, fiber and healthy fats, which many people try to cut out because of calories.

Also, are you really hungry, or just craving food for the satisfaction of it? I know I often want food but am not truly hungry. There is a difference and sometimes it takes a while to be able to tell the difference.

If I try to cut out every 'treat' from my diet, I don't succeed. So, I try to eat well most of the time but allow for some treats and work those into my calories.

The first few days to a week of a diet are often harder as you adjust to eating less and not having the usual goodies you might be used to, so give it time, if, say, you are going from a diet that is largely junk food, pop and highly processed food. You will adjust and soon feel better and have fewer cravings.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
3/23/14 9:48 A

I agree with the request to share your Nutrition Tracker.

It's important to not only consider your caloric intake, if that's the plan you're on, but also where you're getting those calories. Sometimes it's an unbalanced macronutrient range that allows hunger to rule your thoughts on food.

We could give better suggestions (and all of them will differ, naturally!) if we had some background data to work from. Please consider sharing that.


MISSRUTH Posts: 4,125
3/23/14 8:41 A

I agree. The first question that sprang to mind.... what is your calorie range? Sometimes when we finally decide to lose the weight and get healthy, we set a fairly aggressive weight loss goal, and it gives us a calorie range that's just too big a difference, from what we're used to eating. It may be necessary to cut the calories down more gradually-- sort of ease ourselves into it.

The second thing would be, the types of food you're choosing. Some things are rather calorie-dense, but don't provide sufficient nutrition to help us feel full. Potato chips, for example. They're a bunch of calories for really not very much of anything that will fill us up. A glass of Coke. All it is, is sugar water. With coloring and flavoring. It always seems like a waste of calories to me. I'd rather eat a small apple with a little peanut butter.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/23/14 8:10 A

Yeah, this could be too things - from not enough food, to only eating junk food, to not enough protein, fat or fiber, too many processed carbs....

They can't help you if they can't see what you have been eating.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (191,551)
Fitness Minutes: (38,653)
Posts: 23,856
3/23/14 2:32 A

As mentioned, sharing your Nutrition Tracker will help us to help you. It often comes down to the type of food consumed; whether you are under-eating without realizing it; or having reduced your calories too quickly.


SATTVA Posts: 832
3/23/14 1:15 A

In a word.... protein! Works for me.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (58,681)
Fitness Minutes: (14,252)
Posts: 9,692
3/22/14 11:57 P

Consider sharing your nutrition trackers. We'd love to help, but we don't have enough information to do so! What you eat is just as important as how much. Are you exercising? How many calories are you eating? What's your calorie range? What are you eating?

LORATTA Posts: 32
3/22/14 11:10 P

I seem to stay hungry all the time, no matter what I eat I cant seem to fill satisfied. I am always craving food. Any sugestions?

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