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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/29/11 2:35 P

I saw that hula hoop at Wal*Mart and I was wondering about it too. I am always looking for a new workout. Let me know how it works if you do it......thanks...

10/29/11 9:00 A

I also have a hula hoop from the kids department at Walmart. Mine has water in it so there is a small bit of weight to it...I love it! Hooped for 40 minutes while I watched Diner's, Drive-in's and Dive's last night!

WGRANT71 Posts: 69
10/28/11 4:57 P

Thanks for the info.

PAT4PROG Posts: 652
10/28/11 4:47 P

No, I haven't seen it. However, this last summer, I purchased a hula-hoop from Walmart's summer section, just one of those light ones w/beads in it that make noise. I had never hula hooped before and picked it up very quickly. It is fantastic especially when the weather isn't nice enough for a walk/jog. There is a Spark's Team Page dedicated to hooping, check it out for some possible information. Good luck, it takes a little practice, but is great!

WGRANT71 Posts: 69
10/28/11 4:09 P

Today at Walmart I found a hula hoop with DVD set from Danskin. I was wondering if ANYBODY has tried it? It is a "put together" hoop, cushioned, that weighs a few pounds (maybe). I have been wanting to try hooping, but no classes nearby and a little embarrassed to go somewhere and not be able to do it.


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