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9/9/13 3:24 P

Weight maintenance is probably your best option for right now.
How long are you on limited activity??

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ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
9/9/13 2:29 P

I agree. Most of our weight loss comes with what we eat, not how much we move.

I used to be obsessed with food, figuring out what to have, when to eat, etc. I have stopped that. I eat when I'm hungry. If it's 4 in the afternoon before I get lunch, that's fine.

Just try to eat whole foods and grains that satisfy you. I know it's frustrated to be side-lined. You will heal and you will be back faster than you know it.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
9/9/13 2:05 P

On the contrary, if your body is still healing (which if you're still activity restricted, it probably is) you should be eating at maintenance to ensure you have the fuel you need to repair yourself.

It can be frustrating to know you can't exercise and that your weight loss is stalled, but it's a temporary thing and the sooner you heal, the sooner you can get back at it. Take care of yourself!

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9/9/13 1:58 P

I have lost over 100 lbs over the past 4 years, however I have gained back 15 lbs of that in the past 14 months. I was in a bad car accident about 2 months ago and am still on restriction from any exercise, other than walking. This hinders me not only physically but mentally, as I am one to be at the gym at 5am every morning before work. I have noticed that I think about food CONSTANTLY lately; either thinking about how I don't need to eat so I can lose weight or thinking about how much I want to eat. I am a pretty healthy eater overall, however I do have a big sweet tooth.

Any tips/advice on trying to lose these 15 lbs I've put back on, when I can't really exercise right now? I need motivation....

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