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KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,742
4/5/13 7:40 P

I remain active in these tough years--I really enjoy walking and deep water aerobics and pilates.

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
4/5/13 10:02 A

emoticon I will be turning 60 this month and I feel better than I have felt in the last ten years. If you have a good frame of mind with healthy living, it doesn't matter if you're going through menopause, PMS, or pregnancy. We all can and should be mindful of what goes into our bodies. Happy Spring. emoticon

SUSANS706 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (17,718)
Posts: 4,675
4/15/12 8:42 P

working out is the key, and cutting down the calories a bit. It's harder, but can be done!!!

TEEMATA Posts: 15
4/15/12 6:18 P

I do workout, my downfall is eating and menopause all at the same time..Feeling totally blue today and really discouraged.

KIMPH24 Posts: 20
4/15/12 2:52 P

yes that right it just that my Curves gym that i worked out at is closing at the end of the month so iam back at finding somewhere to go and what to do .

4/14/12 10:30 P

You are so right. You can' just say your are going to work out, you have to do it.

4/14/12 10:29 P

You may even try a spinning class. If you have good legs, it won't hurt your feet and is a great workout.

DIANNEMT Posts: 12,313
4/14/12 9:54 P

Find something that you LIKE to do--makes it easier to DO it! Or--make the commitment to yourself that you are worth it and do something! I didn't like the gym but went to a class every week day and lost weight. You HAVE to DO it--not think about it or plan to--just DO it.

KIMPH24 Posts: 20
4/14/12 7:56 P

Thanks I will look in to that .

KATTTY Posts: 17
4/14/12 12:12 A

I am over 50, and am into aqua jogging, walking and hoping to get into tai chi. Don't know yet how much that will help lose weight, but will get me healthier. I have bad feet, so need low impact exercise. aqua fit/jogging is one I really enjoy. Good Luck!!

KIMPH24 Posts: 20
3/24/12 7:10 P

I have been reading all the artists on heath over 50 and i am over well

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