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3/13/14 1:51 P

"Sometimes it seems crazy to me that there are so many people on this planet desperate for food to survive, and so many of us desperately trying to cut our unhealthy ties to food so we can survive. "

It is crazy, isn't it. I think about that too. In many ways, we in the rich western world are incredibly lucky. In other ways, we have our own misery. We're physically designed to eat whenever we find pleasing, calorie-dense foods in our path, but we have to check that impulse all the time, because there's too much of it.

3/13/14 12:51 P

Sometimes it seems crazy to me that there are so many people on this planet desperate for food to survive, and so many of us desperately trying to cut our unhealthy ties to food so we can survive.

Baby steps, indeed. I'm trying to see each little positive decision as a victory and not beat myself up that I'm not running marathons--or even taking a walk, yet--daily. Am I really THAT busy?

3/12/14 8:37 P

It can be overwhelming at first when you know you need to lose weight and exercise. Baby steps are a good way to start if your commitment is wavering. You might build momentum by starting small: a 10-minute walk every other day, increasing the fruits and vegetables you eat in a day by two servings, drinking more water, getting more sleep...

Fear is a great motivator. I start losing weight when I realized my blood sugar levels were pretty high and I was looking at the possibility of diabetes. I already had high blood pressure and high cholesterol; I foresaw an old age filled with self-induced disability, depression, difficulty getting around, and that miserable low-level shame that came from not liking what one sees in the mirror. I started eating more fruits and vegetables, cut out excess sugar and fat, and started exercising every day, and the weight came off. If I can do it, anyone can.

102OXFORD Posts: 24
3/12/14 1:13 P

Thanks for the thoughts, ideas and support!!! It is so appreciated.

ECKYLS Posts: 176
3/12/14 7:56 A

I find it easier to stick with things when I plan in advance. So I'll have a general idea of what I'm going to eat for my meals and snack for the week. I have a set time that I go to the gym and view it as an appointment that I can't miss.

When I first started on this journey, I was looking at buying a new camera - I didn't really need it, but I wanted it. I made a deal with myself - If I lost those first 30 pounds, I'd get it. Setting goals and rewards along the way helps.

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,041
3/12/14 3:55 A

Because you find it difficult to find motivation for exercise, why not incorporate exercise into something that you do anyway.

Do you do the grocery shopping or laundry? if so, try putting them away one at a time. I do this all the time. The beauty is that it doesn't feel like work, but it also doesn't feel like exercise. It also gives my mind a chance to blob out or think of things or daydream that I wouldn't otherwise.

If you vacuum, try turning it into a 'dance-fest' - turn the music up and get going.

If you work, try mobilizing more in your day. If possible make more water cooler stops, or rest room breaks. If you can, go for a 10 minute walk at lunch time - go with a co-worker.

Park further away from where you would normally, or get off the bus one stop sooner.

Are there children in your family? If so, perhaps some time can be devoted to kicking a ball around, or having competitions with a hula hoop. There are lots of things that you can do that is fun. In fact, my daughter 37yr old daughter hula hoops sometimes while watching TV. Ultimately it is to get fitter and slimmer, but the immediate incentive is to try and beat how long she can keep the hoop up. She started for a few seconds, and now is at about 4 minutes. She is working at it, and is determined to increase the time considerably. She said it doesn't feel like she is exercising.

That is the trick - find something that you actually LIKE!

Good luck,

3/11/14 10:42 P

Right there with you! It's especially difficult when it's cold and wet, because getting time outside is the best way for me to motivate myself. When I'm outside, I see the reasons to get moving all around me. I want to be strong and fast, and just feel more like part of the nature around me (and less like an office drone :( ).

I'm not sure this message offers much in terms of getting you motivated right now, but I'm sending you my encouragement, empathy, and best wishes for a better tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing

102OXFORD Posts: 24
3/11/14 9:18 P

I have lost total motivation to lose weight and exercise. I have considered getting a personal trainer at the gym for accountability and someone to help and encourage me. I also think about joining Weight Watchers for support. I do check SP all the time also.
I don't get much support at home from my family. So I seem to be alone and can easily talk myself out of exercise.
I am just struggling to improve myself.
Any support or suggestions that anyone can offer to help me just get going again would be so much appreciated.
thank you.

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